Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Even easier, easy-peasy cheesy potato soup

Last year at about this time I came up with Easy Peasy Cheesy Potato soup. And, it is delicious. Easy and delicious. But after making it for a full year, I've come up with a revised recipe. This is even easier {in my opinion} and more delicious...the kids and B agree, they eat this ''version'' much better. It's essentially the same but this is a bit more flavorful and it's a bit thicker. But, did I mention delicious?

So without further ado, Even Easier, Easy Peasy Potato Soup:

You will need:
- 32oz pkg of country style hashbrowns
- bacon
- velvetta (1/3-1/2 block)
- chicken stock
- salt, pepper, seasoning

1. First, take your bacon and fry it right in your stockpan. I used 8 slices.
 2. Once all your bacon is fried up nice and crispy, drain off the grease but leave the tidbits of bacony goodness.

 3. To the bacony goodness, add your hashbrowns and a small container of chicken stock.
 4. Then top with water just until most of the hashbrowns are covered. A few won't be covered and that's okay, you don't want runny soup so just trust me.
 5. While your hashbrowns are thawing and softening at a low boil/high simmer, cube up your Velvetta {or in my case, knock off store brand} and crumble the bacon.
 6. When your hashbrowns are nice and soft and have cooked down so they are kinda mushy...
 ....add your cheese and bacon. This is also when you would season with salt, pepper and any seasoning you may have. I *love* Paula Deen's ''House Seasoning'' but it's pretty much seasoning salt, garlic powder, onion powder, the usual.
 7. Give it a good stir, turn it down waaaaaay low and let it all melt up nicely for about 5-10 minutes. Remember to keep stirring it often. Viola, you're done. If you have lots of small children like me, then serve in cute little Ikea bowls and top with some extra cheese.
I find that cooking the bacon fresh really adds a flavor depth, and the cream of chicken that I previously used was kinda pointless...for less calories and a richer flavor, the stock works better.

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