Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pizza Hat

Today I had a long list of errands to run so as soon as the boys were up, we were in motion. I nursed Sissy while helping them dress, then got them situated with a bowl of cereal, a sippy cup of milk and they had a ''breakfast picnic'' on the living room floor while watching "Super Why!"While they were chowing down, I nursed Sissy (yes, again...ever since she started sleeping 8hr stretchs at night, she nurses more in the mornings) got her dressed and set up in the swing in the master bathroom. Once all 4 were happy and content, I hopped in the shower. (I usually shower in the evenings but I feel asleep watching Psych last night and didn't make it to be til 2am) I was able to shower and get myself dressed before Super Why ended so after 2 diaper changes on the littles, we were out the door.

First stop was the pharmacy; I went to the dentist on Tuesday planning on having a cavity filled and ended up needing (and starting) a root canal. Apparently I had a cavity under the filling that got abscessed and it's a bad, ugly, no good situation. So I have to be on antibiotics for a week before they can finish the root canal. Pharmacy was a quick in and out, then I hopped over to the other end of the parking lot to gas up the Swaggerwagon.

Next was the bank. Since we have a small Kansas/Colorado bank we have no way of cashing checks now that we're here in Texas. And since my family pretty much kicks ass people have sent us a few, I needed to do something with them. So, with all four kids in tow mind you, we ran into Bank of America to set up a checking account. Took about a half hour and they did great. Better than great. They colored, begged for suckers and generally just behaved. It was amazing!

After the bank we headed over to Target for some essentials and so they could pick out a present for B. (If you are curious, I was wearing Sissy in my Ergo, Peanut was in the cart and Pooks was sitting in the cart's seat while Bubba walked. It's how we roll.) Target was a little crowded, the kids were a little hungry but overall a successful trip with only one tantrum by Peanut (he wanted a toy). Not as amazing as the bank but they were complaining about being hungry and it was now 11:45. We loaded back up in the van, I nursed and changed Sissy, and we headed off for lunch...which is always interesting when it's 4 kids vs 1 adult. Usually in situations like this we would drive thru, get something to go and bring it back home.

Well, they were doing really really good and I really really didn't want McDonalds or the like so I suggested Pizza Hut. This got everyone's attention. So off to Pizza Hut we trekked, me hoping that they have a lunch buffet like the PH back home.

We get there and much to all our our delight, they had a buffet! So I get the kids situated at the booth nearest the buffet and went to work filling their plates. They remained sitting in the booth and, albeit talking a little loudly to me, waited patiently. Lunch was flawless. They ate their pizza, a scoop of pasta and a breadstick without so much as a dropped fork. I was able to eat my salad at a normal pace, not speed eating just to make sure that I was able to eat something.

When Pooks needed the ''Papajarn cheese'' he actually said ''Mommy can you pass me that cheese shakey?". After they finished their plates, they happily ate some mixed fruit and pudding from the salad bar while I enjoyed my 2 pieces of pizza. Sweetcheeks happily sat in her car seat during all of this without so much as a peep!
 (Kinda unheard of, usually she'll want held). So we get all done eating and Pooks said ''Mommy, I need to tell you something''.

"Yes Pookie?"

"Where are 'da hats?"

"What do you mean?" I responded...I had no clue what he was talking about.

"Da pizza...where is it's hat? We are eating Pizza Hat but there are no hats on the pizza?"

I started laughing hysterically. This is when I had to reassure my three year old that there wasn't suppose to be hats on the pizzas, that it was in fact Pizza HUT not hat, and after explaining what exactly a hut was he promptly looked at the box* with the Pizza Hut logo on it and said. "Mom, never mind. The hat is wight there on those letters"...
It's days like this and situations like these where I realize just how lucky I am to have these kids. Just how lucky I am to be their mom and to be able to stay at home {or run errands} with them. But perhaps the best present of all was when we returned home...they all laid down for their naps and within 10 minutes, they are ALL asleep. This hasn't happened since we moved to this great state. And while I would like to think that it's my payoff for having such great patience and bravery to take them all places, in reality it was probably a carb overload from the pizza....but I'm okay with that too ;)

*normally with the buffet they don't give boxes but when our waitress brought us our check, she asked if the boys liked cheese pizza, would want a pizza to go that they had made by mistake...hello, not one to pass up free food, I said sure. Then when I paid the ticket (it was like 1:15) she asked if we would want some free cheesesticks that they had made for the buffet but it didn't look like they would need. Um, yeah...I'll totally take those too! So now tonight when I made spaghetti we'll have cheesesticks to go with it and B has a free lunch for tomorrow as well.  Overall a totally WIN day!

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  1. That's priceless! I can't wait until E is saying cute and funny things :D At first I thought you made a typo!


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