Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Festivites!

Well, we're for the most part unpacked. Okay, that's a huge exaggeration. A better statement might be, "We're unpacked enough to live a normal day to day." Our garage is FULL of unpacked boxes that were previously items from our garage and basement. Our master bedroom has a bed, a dresser, bookcase and a ton of boxes. But this weekend we were able to unpack the bathrooms, linen closets, and living room. We haven't touched Sweetcheeks room yet (she's still sleeping in our room/with us) but since it's not priority we'll get to it last. We ordered a new loveseat and sofa; the loveseat is in our living room but the sofa will be here next week. I unpacked all the pictures that go on the walls but I want to switch out and update a bunch of the photos so the walls are still bare. But since we did work hard and get a lot done, we opted to take a break from unpacking and put up some holiday decor.

So far it's just our tree and stockings but I'm hoping to find my candles, knick knacks and stuff tomorrow. B and I are in a disagreement with the ourdoor lights; I want new ones and he wants to use the one from last year (which are LED and look blue...I hate that!). But I digress. On to the things we did do...
 Bubba was extremely excited to start decorating the tree! (which is new, are old one didn't light up...B won this one, we ended up with a multi-colored LED tree). This is the first year that we decorated the tree with the kids. Usually we put it up and have it decorated after they go to sleep and they wake up to the surprise. We decided they were big enough to help and other than having a very bottom-front heavy tree, they did great!

Pooks reminiscing about Tito
 Sweetcheeks hanging up an ornament
 Love their feet, especially Peanut's reindeer feet
 They did awesome! Minimal arguing/pushing and lots of helping and compliments
 and thanks to a self-timer, a family picture
don't mind my visible awkwardness, i had just ran and jumped behind the boys to be in the pic
After decorating the tree, the boys feasted on eggnog and sugar cookies while I read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".
Then today, we walked down to our community park and met Santa and Ms. Claus. Bubba asked for a Lightning McQueen, Pooks asked for an Ambulance and a Tow Mater, Peanut asked for Tow Mater as well. We have all those toys already but apparently not enough...

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