Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Was a first for many reasons. Not only was it our first Christmas in Texas but it was our first Christmas as a family of six, Sweetcheeks first Christmas and our first Christmas where we didn't have to go to multiple houses. We woke up, hung out in our pajamas, ate lunch when we wanted to, took a nap when we felt like it and never stepped foot in a vehicle. As much as I missed my family, I did not miss jumping from house to house to house. It was nice to just sit around! And, I'm sure that it helped that we did open gifts on the webcam with my parents, and I did talk on the phone to various family throughout the day.

Obviously the kids were thrilled! I'm gonna do something different than I usually do, I'm just going to post all the pics, no explanation...it's pretty obvious and it's going to be an extremely long post with just the pics!
Overall, it was a wonderful day. B surprised me with a Kindle, which I have fallen in love with! It was a smart move on his part too because I bought him the new Black Ops game for the Wii so now, I don't nag on him to shut off the game...I'm too busy reading to notice!

For New Years Eve we are toying with taking the kids back to Sea World for their Celebration. B really wants to, I'm on the fence. First of all, we were just there and I don't want to wear out the fun of Sea World. Secondly, the shows are the exact same that we just saw so I don't know if it's really worth dealing with the crowd and the cool(er) temps {especially after dark}. He really wants to go for the fireworks show and I know that the kids would enjoy it...I'm just wondering if we should wait and do that around the 4th of July? Decisions, decisions right?

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  1. Your little babes are so cute...their eyes are just stunning! Looks like you had a great Christmas, I hadn't read your blog in a while, I had my baby and of course, that creates a little choas for a while! :) Happy New years! God bless!


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