Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're living amongst the boxes, but at least I have the internet

Yep, movers unpacked us yesterday. They unpacked the truck, setting the labeled boxes in said room; then set up all of our beds, assembled the crib and the kitchen table and they were out by noon. We then worked our butts off unpacking the necessities. We ended up getting clean linens on all the beds, unpacking all of the boys stuffed animals and books, unpacking and putting together probably 85% of the kitchen, B got the TV hooked up while the boys and I set up their play area. He also was able to hook up the washer and dryer and we started attacking the laundry pile. He spent at least 4 hours out in the yard. *see below* We found the box with towels and toiletries and gave all the kiddos baths.We used naptime to run errands (my kids have perfected napping in the car) and switched over all the utilities into our names, went to the post office for a mailbox key, went to the cable company and got our internet paid and ready for hook-up. By the end of the day, it was wonderful to take a shower in our own ''home'' and then sleep in our own bed.

Today, we fell short. We had big plans but they didn't pan out. Yesterday the fridge was delivered so today it was cold enough to fill it. We went out to lunch then went and grabbed groceries.
 Shopping wears her out, apparently.
That's really all we got done. All afternoon we had to hang around for the cable guy, who was hooking up our internet. Unpacked a little, mostly kids' stuff. Moved all the trash out to the garage. We had a quick dinner of sandwiches and then the kids went wild. WILD. Bouncing off the walls, running the length of the house, crazy. Nanaw was witness to some of this while we video chatted. Although not near the same as real-life, it is really amazing that they can see each other and interact. After chat time with Nanaw we tried to start bedtime (it was like 8pm) and at 10:15pm, all four kids were finally asleep. And B and I are exhausted. We opted to take the evening off, enjoy the internet and get back to unpacking tomorrow.

I do have to say that while everything is different (HEB anyone?) the weather (especially for Nov/Dec) is AMAZING. Seriously. High temp is KS tomorrow is 41 degrees. High temp here? 67 degrees. Which to Texas natives is apparently cold. I'm rocking flip-flops with a long sleeve tee and jeans. Girl next to me at lunch is wearing a long sleeve hoodie over a shirt, scarf and UGGS. Last night at dinner we sat out on the patio at Outback and the girl that left as we were sitting down commented on how it was perfect ''sweatshirt weather''. B was wearing short sleeve polo, jeans and flip-flops. It was 72 degrees out! It's amazing. The only major complaint about living here (other than being 12 hours away from 'home'): sandburrs
 B has literally had nightmares about them. We noticed them when we first saw the house, the property manager said she would have the lawn guy mow with a bagger attached and that would get rid of most of them and treat the lawn. And it did. They are dead. Whats left are the ones that remain on the ground. It is ridiculous. They are attached to the kids shoes, Rascal's paws, they get stuck to the living room rug---so incredibly annoying. Some of the locals said that they are really common and once you get them under control you can't stop treating for them or they'll come back. It's not just us either; B took Rascal on a walk and even along the sidewalks of other peoples lawns, there they are. I would guess that B has seriously spent at least 5 hours (total) on trying to de-sticker the yard. UGH!

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