Saturday, November 6, 2010


is now 1 month old!

I can hardly believe she's already a month old but at the same time, it seems like she's been here with us forever. It's odd. It's already hard to remember what our routine was like before her birth yet it was just a month ago so I guess that means that we've perfected it :)

At her one month appointment she weighed in at 9lbs even! (up from 6lb13oz) She also grew an entire inch in length. And on her one month ''birthday'' she smiled for the first time. It was the sweetest, gummiest smile and it was actually directed at me! Since I missed bubba crawling for the first time, pooks walking for the first time and peanut didn't say "Mama" until he was almost 18mos was nice to be the first to see something!

My goal is to take her monthly pictures with this bear each month, so we can see just how much she's grown. If only I had thought to take it at one day old but I was far to busy to think about that!

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