Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our new hacienda...

Several people asked us what our house in Texas looked like and because it will be awhile before they are able to see it for themselves, I opted to snap pictures tonight. The movers are coming tomorrow to unpack our stuff and we plan on staying there tomorrow night. We do not have internet yet, so if there are several days before my next post, that is why. I'm warning you if you aren't family, you probably have no interest in this post; it's literally pictures of an empty house. But if you are family (or just curious) carry on.
So, here is our humble abode:
View as you walk in the front door
(Mom, the area near the window/kitchen will be the boys play area. Hopefully the back of the couch will help block it off a little. The TV/furniture will be centered under the first fan)
Opposite view of living room (door on left wall is a coat closet)
And the kitchen/dining room
Close up of kitchen (fridge is being delivered tomorrow)
My favorite part....the pantry!
Okay and for pictures of the bedrooms...I don't know how Realtors do it. I could not get a decent picture so I left the master out. It's a bedroom. It has windows, walls, a get the idea. I did get okay ones of the master bath/closet...
 and the kids being silly inside the master closet (which is huge!)
Here is a crappy pic of the boys' room (taken from inside their walkin closet)
and one of Sweetcheeks (and eventually Peanut's) room. Again crappy pic taken from a closet. And by this point the older boys had made it their goal to be in every picture. I believe they were saying ''Cupcake".
 Hall bath (also known as the "I'm so glad mom doesn't have to share anymore" boys' bathroom)
and the hall linen closet (which I didn't plan on taking a pic of but Pooks jumped in there and said "Cheese" so I did) 
There is also a 2 car garage that I didn't feel the need to take a picture of. There is a pretty basic backyard with cement slab patio as well. A laundry room as you come in from the garage. It was almost 8pm when I took pics tonight so they aren't the greatest. You can't tell by the pictures but all the walls and ceilings are the same color; just beige but nice and freshly painted. 

So, that's our house! Hopefully the move will go smoothly and we'll get everything unpacked quickly. I also really really want to decorate for the holidays so I plan on hauling ass unpacking so we can hang lights, put up a tree, etc. We have had a TON of mostly welcomed changes this fall: new baby, new job, new town/state...I'm not about to sacrifice the joy and fun of the holidays :)


  1. Beautiful! I have loved reading about you and your family! Glad to see you are doing so great! :)

  2. Very nice, Shannon. SO jealous of your pantry! Hope the move is going well for you guys!

  3. Very nice ! I really enjoyed seeing the boys in every picture ! :) Ps . the house looks nice too

  4. Looks like a great place! Totally jeleous of no stairs!! Can't wait to see it once you guys are situated. :)


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