Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In 34 days....

B starts a new job. 
In a new state.
That's 12.5 hours away from "home".
It's a really good opportunity and it's really good pay.
It will definitely be different, new and a little bit scary.
But I think we're ready.
Well maybe not for the car ride down with four kids, four and under. Plus a dog. And a hamster. 
We'll be moving from a town of about 53,000 to a town of 1.3 MILLION.
That's a lot of people and a lot of new and exciting things to do.
We're moving to Texas!
Lord knows the food and weather will be good :)
It's a big overwhelming but,
if you can't live in the place you love, learn to love the place you live.
At least I'm trying to adopt that attitude...it's a process.
One that I'm sure I'll whine blog about.
Stay tuned...life's about to get a big more chaotic ya'll!


  1. Y'all is SO not gross.

    Your blog is great. And Texas is wonderful! I love it (and have my whole life!), I'm sure you will, too! :)


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