Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Peanut!

Today my baby boy turned two.

I can barely believe it. He has such a personality and I just want to squeeze him, that's how loveable he is. One second he is a big kid, insisting on doing something by himself..."me do mom. me do!" and the next he shows his baby side, pulling on my pant leg while hollering "up me mama, up me!" He is much much more vocal that his brothers were at this age. Some of his recent and popular sayings are ''What that did be?" when he hears something that he can't name. "What did happen?" when he does something {like play with the remote and accidentally turn off the tv} but isn't quite sure how he did it.

He is very opinionated. He will let you know in a second if he wanted milk instead of juice. He insists on only getting into the van on his side. He is great at comprimise, is fairly good at using his manners and is super protective of his baby sister.

This evening we had a small little celebration with Nanaw and Papa to celebrate. It was nice and simple and relaxed. Pizza Hut for dinner, opened a couple presents, then Cold Stone cake for dessert. I'd post pictures now but I'm exhausted (we drove 12 hours straight Tuesday evening, spent Wed and Thurs morning trying to find a house {then signing a lease on said house} in TX, drove 12 hours straight home on Thursday afternoon and arrived at 4:30am this morning).

On Thanksgiving Day, we'll be celebrating with more of our extended family and having a "party" while we're at Nanaw Phew Phew's for Thanksgiving. Yes, I know that he is getting the short end of the stick by combining the two. I realize that we had ''real'' parties for both Bubba and Pooks when they each turned two but right now, it's just not possible to have a big party. I hate that, but it's just the truth. We spent the last 3 days on the road or in Texas. Today is the 19th. On the 23rd the movers are packing all of our stuff, on the 24th they will be loading it all onto the truck. The 25th is Thanksgiving, the 26th is Black Friday and the day that I will be cleaning out our house here. The 27th/28th we will {most likely} be heading back to Texas as the movers should be unpacking on the 29th. That means the 2 days that nothing is planned (tomorrow and Sunday) will be used sorting, cleaning, de-cluttering and donating all of the things that we currently have but don't want moved. Two days to go through 2 years worth of stuff that has accumulated in the basement. Ugh.

But back to my point...he is young and won't really care. He already got a really neat present from Nanaw and Papa, so quite honestly I think he could care less ;)

Happy Birthday Peanut, we love you!!

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  1. I think your right, Peanut won't know the difference and he's vetting to party some still! Don't beat yourself up, you have a lot going on, with 4 kids, one is a newborn! Hope everything runs smoothly for you in the next week! We'll miss seeing you guys when we visit. :)


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