Monday, November 1, 2010

The busiest weekend ever!

Whew, am I glad this weekend is over! It was fun but man oh man did we pack a ton into three days. Traveling out of town (twice) to visit family, an (adult) costume party, trick or treating with the kids, and general life busyness of being a family of six.

On Friday, we drove 2 hours and spent the day with B's mom (and family). The boys call her Yeuy, and she had yet to meet Miss Sweetcheeks so it was top priority.
 Is she not the most precious little girl you have ever seen?
On Saturday we had a kinda lazy day. Driving to visit family on Friday was fine but we knew that on Sunday we were going to be visiting the grandmas so we took a lazy kinda day. Saturday evening, B and I attended a friends 30th Birthday/Costume Party. (Let's skip the fact that when all your friends are turning 30 it means you're right around the corner. Eek!) It was really nice to get out of the house and be with ''grown up's" for a bit. Granted because Sweetcheeks won't take a binky, let alone a bottle, she attended as well.
On Sunday, Halloween, we drove the kiddos a little over an hour to visit the grandma's and show off their costumes. They were super excited!
 Cousin Belle was there as well...
Ms. Sweetcheeks was wide awake as well.
Looking pretty cute sporting her Halloween headband and Pumpkin costume
Sunday evening, we took the boys Trick or Treating. Well, Sweetcheeks went too but she hung out in the carrier...obviously not eating any candy. We only took them up and down our little street and they still managed to fill their buckets! The boys, well they were pretty ''spooky"-
So that was our Halloween and weekend!

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