Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why "Hello" pre-pregnancy jeans!

It sure is nice to see you!

And not just see you but see you albeit a bit tighter in the ass on me just nine days after I gave birth to my beautiful little girl.

While losing my pregnancy weight has never been a huge concern to me and typically by 6 weeks postpartum I'm back to my 'normal' sure is nice to be there so soon! Especially now that fall is here...I can unpack my long sleeve shirts and worn-in comfy jeans just in time for the cooler weather.

A pleasant surprise that I will happily take {and apparently brag about, ha!} after my fourth baby. Now if only I could get my postpartum jelly-belly toned up as quickly...


  1. LOL! I was excited that I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans while Jack was still in the NICU! I told all the nurses and everything! We certainly have earned bragging rights if I do say so myself ; )

  2. Congrats and good job! I was so excited when I was back in my pre-preggo jeans in 3 weeks, but you definitely have me and every other mom I know beat! I'm pretty sure you may be "Super Mom"!


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