Monday, October 18, 2010

Two weeks!

I can hardly believe it but Sweetcheeks is already two weeks old! Where does the time GO?

 Let's see in two weeks she's already:

-outgrown two of her sleep gowns
-is now nursing every 3 hours during the day
-usually nurses around 10pm, sleeps straight til 2am (yay! 4 hours!!) and then is up every 2 hours (we're working on it!)
-is starting to be awake for up to an hour, a couple times a day
-taken her first trip
-lost her umbilical stump
-had her first ''real'' bath
It's just amazing to me, how quickly she's growing up and changing already. Maybe I'm noticing it more than I did with the boys, since I *know* that she is our last but it's just mind-boggling. I am so glad that she is here with us and I know she was the missing piece to our family. The boys love her more than I ever thought possible; they want to know where she's at, they tell me when she's crying, help with diapers and clothes. When one brother gets too loud, another tells them to quiet down cause ''Sissy's sleepin!". They love to just watch her when she's awake, they shower her with kisses...quite simply, I think they're just in love with her. Bubba asked me the other day ''Now we got all the kids for our family, right Mom?" I said " you think you'll have fun having two brothers and one sister?" and he responded ''Yeah Mom, I have fun everyday and I'm super happy that Maggie is now here."

Me too little dude, me too.

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