Sunday, October 24, 2010

bubba and pooks...

Are getting so big! Seriously.

When I started this blog back in July of 2007, Pooks wasn't even TWO months old. This was the first picture I shared of him. Say it with me now. "Awww". He's now 3.5 years. He went from being the baby to having both a baby brother and a baby sister. It just amazes me.

Bubba has {obviously} always been the oldest but it's just recently that I've started to realize how old he really is. When he says things like ''Next year when I'm five, I get to go to Kindergarten?". Um...*gulp*....''Yeah".

Currently they are both in the same pre-school class {well, at Wee Wigglers there is only one class} but because of their age difference and because Bubba went last year as well, they have different homework. Pooks is working on colors/shapes right now and Bubba is learning how to write his lowercase letters and phonics. I'll be honest, even though there is an age difference of 13 months, when it comes to most things they are equally knowledgeable...different homework or not. Both already know all their colors and shapes. Both recognize and know all of the numbers and the entire alphabet, upper and lowercase. They're both quite good at phonices and catching on quickly to the sign language they learn at school.

The difference between the two kids is in actually caring about it. Bubba loves school and learning. He loves doing his homework. He does it perfectly, double checking with me before actually writing to make sure he's doing it right. Last year when he had to color his assignments he colored beautifully, making sure to stay in the lines and even drawing extra shapes on the back of the page. It'll easily take him 10-15 minutes for his one sheet. The sheets he's now doing are a connect-the-dots that form a letter, then he practices writing the letter below.

Pooks on the other hand, does his homework to get it done. Learning comes easy to him...he doesn't really think about it or talk about it or practice. He gets out his homework page, gets out his crayons, climbs up and asks ''What do I do Mom?". I explain it, he grabs his crayon, does it and is done in under 3 minutes. He does it correctly but quickly. "Color the squares blue" translates in Pooks' mind to "Scribble blue on every square as fast as I can''. I don't know if this is simply his personality or if it's because he already knows his colors and shapes so having to color them is a waste of time? 
I'm not sure. I do know that I've tried to teach him to write his name and to start writing the alphabet but he doesn't seem to have the dexterity {or desire} yet. To each their own...I'm not in a rush for him to grow up, plus he has another year of preschool to go and I don't want him to get too bored. 

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  1. This sounds familiar. My 4yo dd does her work perfectly, my 3yo dd just wants to see what we will do next. 4 yo can do addition and subtraction that she taught herself! 3 yo isn't interested in learning numbers at all. I wonder if its a first born thing??


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