Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 weeks old

(and 3 days late posting this...)

Sweetcheeks, how quickly you are growing and changing! Here you are at three weeks old:
 You are becoming more and more alert these days. Whether it's watching your brothers or watching your mobile, you are content just being awake. Really, that about sums it are a very content baby. As long as you're fed, you don't mind if you're being held, if you're in your bassinet, swing, carseat or crib.

You are eating like a champ and I can't wait to take you for your 1mos appt to see just how big you are. Right now you're still nursing every 3 hours (or less) for 20-30 minutes at a time. You caught on to breastfeeding very quickly and you like to eat. Usually you eat so loudly that even your brothers can hear you gulping!

Your vision must be improving daily because you are starting to really stare at our faces and will even follow with your eyes. Your hair is growing and Mommy can't wait til hair bows will stay in. So far just the hair on top is growing and yes, it's growing in a slight faux-hawk/comb-over but at least you have hair! It's much finer and lighter than any of the boys' ever was...Mommy is very curious as to whether it will stay that way or if it will all fall out only to grow in thicker and curly. {If I could choose, I'd want it to stay light but be curly}.
You still love getting baths, even having water poured over your head doesn't phase you. In the last couple days you have even started to "coo" and "talk". You do this the most while in the tub. One of these days mom will have to get a bath with you in the big tub...I know you would love it!

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