Monday, September 20, 2010

"Just this many days Mom"

Bubba said this morning as he held up all 10 of his little fingers. He's saying ''just this many days'' til Sissy arrives...we shall see if he ends up being right! (His prediction would be Sept 30th).

I had a check up appt with Dr. P today. He's seeing me weekly from 34 weeks (rather than the standard 36 weeks) since my history is to go early. So today at 35w3d:

-My BP, urine and Sweetcheeks heartbeat were all perfectly normal
-My weight was up .5lbs from last week, putting me at a total weight gain of 12lbs
-I had my lovely Group B Strep test, will have the results in a day or two (I've always been negative tho)
-A cervical check found me to be a stretchy 1 cm dilated, soft and while my cervix is still posterior, it's not as far back as last week. She is head down but not engaged.
-After feeling around on my belly my fundal height is measuring around 38 weeks and he's guessing that Sweetcheeks is close to 5.5-6lbs

All in all he doesn't think that I'll have her this week but he does think that when I do go into labor, it'll be quick. She is head down, cervix is already moving forward, I am having ''real'' contractions and if her head was a little bit lower or applying more pressure, he's sure I'd progress quickly. Seeing how I'm not 36 weeks yet, it would be best to have her bake a little while longer.

Now, on to the confusing part:

We did talk for awhile about my due date. Going by my last menstrual period, my due date would be Oct 12. That first ultrasound that I had gave me a due date of October 29th. However, because we were trying to get pregnant, I'm 99% sure that our actual due date based on my longer than average cycles, would be Oct 22. {This is the due date that I have gone by all along and that I base my appointments off of. } Then to top it all off, at my latest ultrasound (which isn't as accurate), Sweetcheeks was measuring big with a due date of Oct 17th.

So the 12th, the 17th, the 22nd or the 29th.

Dr P is in agreement that my due date is most likely closer to the 22nd. However because I've had perfectly healthy babies that have all arrived in their own time (3 weeks early) and all have been over 6lbs, he doesn't really care what my due date is. Bottom line my body will go into labor when the baby is ''done''. He is not the slightest bit concerned about me having a so called ''preemie''.

The issue is with the damn hospital. Because of the labs and ultrasound that I had done in the beginning of my pregnancy, they are ''going by'' a due date of the 29th (I think it's an insurance issue). Which by their calculations means I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Thus if I go into labor anytime between now and Oct 9th, they will labor me and Sweetcheeks as ''Premature'' (because I'm not term until the 37wk mark). Dr. P flat out said today that with her being this big and my cervix being ''favorable'' he does not think that I will still be pregnant on Oct 9th.

It's not a huge deal but they will do more tests on her because of this. More blood draws, a ''car seat'' test, checking her glucose and bilirubin levels more often, etc.Peanut was a ''preemie'' and we went through the same stuff. It's a pain in the ass because they constantly say things like ''Well because he's a preemie and a bit early, he may not breastfeed as well." "Because he's a preemie we need to monitor him." "Since you had him so early, we need to check his temperature again.'' Seriously? The kid came out weighing 6lbs 13oz and didn't need a bit of help. He had slightly low blood sugar but that was it; he nursed like a champ and weighed MORE when we left the hospital.

Can you tell I hate labels? Ugh.

So anyway, that was my appointment. Sorry for the tangent it's just irritating when you *know* something but a computer says something different and BOOM it's the end all be all.

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