Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 1, 2 and 3 are done!

I know, I stink at updating, sorry 'bout that. But the boys did start preschool on Monday. Bubba went for a semester last year so this was all old hat to him but Pooks, he was excited! So excited that he woke up at 7:04am asking ''Is it time for school now?". starts at 9am're a little early. So they got up and immediately got dressed in clothes that had been laid out the night before. Then they wanted to eat. But I was responded with "We can't eat yogurt mom, it's just too messy. I want ceweal."

As you can see, Bubba thought he was a little too cool for photos 
And one with Peanut, who acted like it was his first day too
So by the time they were finished getting dressed and eating breakfast it was, oh 7:31. "Is it time for school now mommy?" So while they hunted down their shoes and picked up their pajamas, I got myself ready. I then had to do their hair...a first for us. But since they had gotten their hair cut last Wednesday, they had been insisting that I "spike it up" for them. Okay so I used B's hair paste on my 3 and 4 year old's, what other choice did I have? By the time this was all done it was almost 8am. Still had another 35 minutes to kill before we needed to leave the house. Okay, let's take some pictures outside...
Can you tell who was still a bit sleepy? Bubba wasn't quite used to getting up at 7am...
After about, oh 3 pictures he was complaining about the sun in his eyes and it being too bright and why did I need to take SO many pictures?
So by now it's all of 8:15 and they are chomping at the bit to get in the van. Okay, okay we'll get in the van! So I let them buckle themselves in, I slowly make sure that I have everything we need. We head across town and Mommy "needed" to stop at Sonic for a 99 cent Dr. Pepper. We get to the school ant it's 8:31. I know they don't even unlock the doors til 8:45am. So I suggest we listen to two school songs on our Wee Wigglers CD. 

We do that and it's 8: 37.

So we call B and I try to encourage him to talk the boys up, that lasts about 30 seconds. At this point another little boy is also there so we get out of their minivan. We get to the door and yep, it's still locked. So I bust out my camera to get a pic of Pook's first ever day of school. The one pic I get:
Yeah, I got the whole ''sun's in my face mom, no more pictures" and that was it. I put the camera back in the van and called it a loss. Shortly afterward, Miss Deb came downstairs and unlocked the main door and the boys trekked upstairs. They {meaning all 3 boys} immediately head straight for the toys while I fill out paperwork. Pooks was super excited, bringing over cool toy after cool toy to show me. I finish the paperwork and chit-chat with their teachers for awhile. I then tell Peanut that it's time to go and he tells me "No Mama, I play". Um, no you don't get to play here but we'll go to the park. That was the hardest part, getting Peanut to willingly leave. The older boys? I heard a ''Bye Mom!!" as they were playing.

One and a half hours later it was time to pick them up. They did wonderful. Miss Maria said that they both listened so well and they played together like little best friends. They got along with the other kids, they didn't fight, they ate their snacks...everything went well. No tears, no hesitant moments at all.

Tuesday and Wednesday were much the same. I got a hug and a kiss and a ''See ya!" . Today though Peanut didn't even fight leaving. He was more than happy to say bye to his brothers and have Mommy time. He is really liking the attention of being the only kiddo. Everything is "Mom or Mommy". I think he says my name so many times just because he gets my immediate attention rather than having to wait or having to repeat himself. His behavior has been wonderful! Overall, it couldn't be going better. I'm enjoying the time with just Peanut, the boys are enjoying school and we're plowing along. Now in a month, when Miss Sweetcheeks makes her appearance, I'm not sure how well Peanut will handle sharing me again but we'll worry about that when the time comes.

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