Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's been a week...

Since I last blogged and I apologize. I think it's just the time of year where we are so busy! It's hot, hot, hot out but we're trying not to let that slow us down too much. In the past week we've spent the evenings playing in the shaded driveway and enjoying popsicles. We had a blast at a friend's backyard barbeque, we attended a Water Safari event at the zoo--the boys loved this! The Fire Department brought out a fire truck, hooked it up to the hydrant and sprayed the kids.
After playing in the water we all enjoyed a free ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins. This really helped beat the heat. Sure they made an absolute mess (it was 100+ degrees out and that ice cream was melting fast) but it was worth it.
We've also been getting the boys the things they need for school. Both Bubba and Pooks will be starting Pre-School at the end of the month and we got them each a new backpack. Rather than going with a plastic mini-backpack, we opted to get them a more durable {yet still pretty small} backpack from Eddie Bauer. They look SO grown up! {it's the ''sling pack'' found here}. They each got a new pair of shoes (hello awesome bargain at Dillards...Striderite shoes on clearance for $12!) and a few new shirts. Can you believe that they went up 1-2 full shoe sizes EACH since we last bought real shoes (which was in April)?? They're growing like weeds I tell ya! School starts on the 30th and they couldn't be more excited.

So during these last few weeks of summer, we've been filling up the kiddie pools and relaxing out front in the afternoon. I've realized that even with heat index's in the 110 degree range, I can't keep them inside all day long. They get whiny, cranky, and this leads to arguing, hitting, toy stealing, etc. Getting out in the afternoon really helps. And I'll admit, as ''white trash'' as it may be to fill up two kiddie pools, set them out in your front yard (our backyard won't work so we really don't have a choice) with lawn chairs and toys and then add to the fact that my 7.5 month  pregnant self is in a bikini---it's worth it. When it's this hot, I don't care what we look like, lol! Taking them to the pool is not an easy feat when it's one adult to 3 kids in a large body of water. And it looks like they are having fun:

And brace I am almost 8 mos pregnant with Sweetcheeks...

Yep, I'm starting to run out of room for her to grow. Hard to believe I have only 7-8 weeks left!


  1. Dear Sister,

    Your last photo disturbs me. Sincerely,

    Your Brother (and the interwebs).

  2. Matthew,

    If it disturbs you, imagine how I feel. It's my body stretching to impossible size and playing host.

    Wait til it's your wife, it'll be different.

    Your Sister (and pregnant women everywhere)


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