Sunday, August 29, 2010

In roughly 12 hours...

I will be picking up TWO of my children from their preschool program. Yep, it's the Sunday night before school starts and they couldn't be more excited. While I am excited and looking forward to a little bit of a break and some alone time with Peanut, I'm a bit...apprehensive. I really think that Pooks will do fine but a teeny part of me thinks he might have a meltdown. And I don't think it will be when I leave...I imagine it'll be about 15 minutes into their day when he realizes that this is for real. Bubba was in this program from Jan-May of last year, however Pooks had to wait til he turned three so tomorrow will be his first day.

So back to them...It took them over an hour to settle down and fall asleep. They have picked out their outfits and have them laying out. Their backpacks are in the van and ready (despite the fact that they won't need them tomorrow...they wouldn't listen to me about that). They already chose which cereal they want for breakfast and reminded me to wake them up and tell them that it's ''Time for school'' just like on Nemo.

At dinner tonight Bubba was telling Pooks all about his ''school''. Things like ''At snack time, you don't get to just eat what Ms. Maria gives to you. You can't just cry." He told him that he had to use his walkin' feet and that he had to listen. Pooks didn't seem too nervous, his plan is to walk up to other kids and say ''Hey Kid, I'm Logan...what's ewe name?" and he's dead serious. I told him it might be nicer to say ''Hi, I'm Logan. What is your name?" But he didn't like that. I also reminded him that if he needed to use the bathroom it was best to tell Ms.Maria or Ms. Deb that he had to potty...he should not yell for everyone to hear ''I need to pee!" (which may be what he does at home).

I will do the usual Mom-thing and take a gazillion photos, I'm sure. I'll have to have all 3 kids plus myself ready and out the door at 8:30 so wish me luck!

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