Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sno-cones, splash park and summertime

Tonight the temperature at 6:00 was 96 degrees. The heat index? Felt like 104. So what did we do??

We left the freaking air conditioning and spent the entire evening outside...FINALLY! The index has been over 100 degrees for the good part of the last 10 days. Needless to say, we've been avoiding going outside. Well by the boys' behavior and hyperactivity it was obvious that we NEEDED to get out of the house. Not just to get groceries or a treat but out, out. Let them run, burn off energy and be, well be boys. And it just so happened that this evening our city park was hosting a Jazz Festival.

There were about 6 artists taking the stage from 5-11pm as well as a Kid's Zone with petting zoo, insect zoo, bounce houses, etc. There were food vendors selling ice cream, sno-cones, pizza, hotdogs and BBQ beef sandwiches. There were Calvary horses and Army trucks/tanks and we took advantage of most of it. The kids loved the insect zoo and the bounce houses.

But their favorite part? The break we took from the festival. It was hot and they were sweating like pigs so we walked over to the splash park. At first they were all super hesitant but Bubba and Peanut warmed up quickly...Pooks took quite a bit longer and never did get quite as adventurous but they all had fun. Here are the pics in absolutely no order because blogger is being a pain in my ass hope you enjoy them :)

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