Thursday, July 8, 2010

P is for Park

This evening all five of us loaded up in the Swaggerwagon and headed to the park. Besides being so humid out, it was only around 80 degrees which is unheard of here in July. I made sure to bring along my DSLR because it seems like it's been for.ever since I took pics at the park. (maybe not but my days all run together) Because it was overcast out I didn't have any crazy shadow issues and even shot in manual most of the time :) For the first hour we had the entire playground to ourselves and it was wonderful.
Here is peanut showing me his ''tuck"
Bubba looks so grown up I want to cry!
Pooks jumping off the Merry-go-round
landing while yelling ''YEAH"
Daddy showing them how to ''SUPER jump"and yes we told them they were not allowed to try it until they were very, very big and really it was a moot point because all of them are afraid to climb up that high to begin with. ahem.

Trying to get a good family pic...B was so busy showing Peanut where to look that he ended up looking ridiculous
Peanut swinging with his daddy
Bubba climbing up the ladder to the big slide
Whoosh! Down he came and landed while saying ''See Mom, I did it!"
Peanut thrilled to have spotted an airplane
Pooks playing with his digger and dump truck. (I ♥ that when he concentrates, he sticks out his little tongue)
Pooks climbing up the really really big slide, only to slide down
Yours truly with Miss Sweetcheeks in da bump
(can you believe I'm over 6mos pregnant already!??)
Pookie running down the edging/wall, then jumping down (click to see full size)
We ended up spending over an hour and a half at the playground. As soon as we got home the boys went straight into the bathtub and as soon as they came out, I promptly cleaned the tub. I think we may have brought home 1/2 the playgrounds sand with us, but it was worth it.

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