Friday, July 16, 2010

It has been decided!

Because it's in the lead on the name poll....Margaret will be our daughters' name. Yep, I've decided that I love my blog readers so much that I'm gonna name her whichever name wins the poll. Good thing I didn't put Mega-Tron as a choice.

I kid, I kid.

Well, sorta.

We really have decided on a name for Sweetcheeks. I can honestly say that it's not anything I had ever considered naming a kiddo previously but after giving it a lot of thought (and we've been talking about this for awhile, not just since Tuesday) we are going to be naming her after Great-Great Grandma B. This wonderful woman right here:
My Grandma's middle name really is Margaret and in honor of her, that will be our daughter's full legal name. However, my blatantly honest Grandma {whose first name by the way is Florence} hates the name Margaret. Hates it.

While I don't hate it, I do think it's a big name for a little girl. It's classic and old-fashioned and I love it for that. But I love, love, love the nickname Maggie. So for those reasons, Sweetcheeks name will be Maggie. Does anyone else picture a spunky, curly headed, down-to-earth little girl running around amongst all these boys?? Cause I do! And how cool is it that she will be named after her Great Great Grandma (Margaret) and her Great Grandma Virgina (RIP) and Nanaw (both of whom share the middle name Diane).

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  1. Great name choice! Maggie is the perfect nickname also :)


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