Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a talking Peanut

Peanut is now almost 19 months old. At 19mos he is, by far, my most talkative kiddo yet. (We'll see, his sister might be more talkative!) But it's not just his speech that amazes me; his comprehension level seems really high too!

I thought I'd list out all the words that he says so I'd have a decent record of them, and to share with my readers. Plus I haven't updated his baby books since he was like 4 months old . Now granted, he still sounds like a baby but it's not like only I understand what he's saying. Hollie (little L's mom) was over the other day and floored at how clear he was speaking. Typically what he says is easily understood.
So here they are. And hopefully, I'll get a video uploaded later tonight.
  • Mama/Mom, Dada, Nanaw, Papa, Ryan, Hollie, Rascal
  • Car, truck, bus, train, choo-choo, bike, tractor
  • Apple, banana, grape, mango, cracker, cookie, cheese, bread, drink, milk, cup, chocolate (yok-oh-yet), chip
  • Please, thanks, Thank you, welcome, no, yes, No-No! (yells at the dog all.the.time)
  • Hi, Bye-bye, All gone, Done, More, this, that, huh, oh-oh,
  • Ball, balloon, color, blanket, ka-chow (for Lightning McQueen), dog,
  • Whats that?, Want that!
He makes sounds for dogs barking, train's whistle, firetruck sirens, cars revving, and airplanes.

He's now also following two part commands, ie :
Go get your shoes and bring them to mommy. Go get your cup and put it on the table. Let's go to the garage and get in the van, etc.

And body parts, Lord does the kid know body parts:
Head, hair, ears, nose, eyes, mouth, belly, boobies, belly-button, foot, toes, hands, fingers, penis, butt, tongue and teeth.

And on Friday we had a real conversation:
Peanut: brings me his cup... says "All gone" (while signing with his hands)
Me: Do you want more milk?
Peanut: Yes, more.
Me: Do you want milk or juice?
Peanut: Milk.
Me: What do you say?
Peanut: Peese mom?
Me: Okay, lets go get it. Thank you for using your manners.
Peanut: Thank you. (sounds like "hank-ewe")
And that's his other new thing. He doesn't call me Mama anymore, or if so, very rarely. He pretty much always calls me Mom. I guess he hears his brothers say it??

It's so much easier and less frustrating to have a toddler that talks. Don't get me wrong, he still has his fair share of tantrums, but usually I can tell what he wants/needs because he just says it. SO much easier!


  1. That's AWESOME Shannon! Really great for his age!

    I was just thinking about you... it seemed like a while since you had blogged. Maybe not, I don;t know, and am too lazy to check. :P How are ya feeling?

  2. I'm doing really good heather, just busy! Trying to make the baby's bedding in the evenings so I haven 't had the time to blog unless I don't nap (like today). I need to post a belly pic and I haven't even found the time to take one!


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