Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day

Better late than never, right?

We've been a bit busy. Between the holiday, going swimming, shopping for girl clothes, visiting out of town relatives, laundry, grilling outside, and growing a baby...well I kinda forgot about the 'ol blog. But without further ado, our memorial day.

We spent it at a private community's ''lake'' with another family and their daughters. Techinically it was a large pond but it is deep enough to have a speed boat (which we didn't do). The boys had fun playing on the beach, shoveling and dumping sand and splashing in the water. Fish my boys are not. They would not put their faces under nor would they go any deeper than about their waists. But they went on and one about how much fun it was.

Playing in the sand when we first got there.
Finally out in the water. Peanut would only go in the water if he was sitting in a chair :)
My little cheesers staring into the sun
After about an hour of swimming they wanted a snack. Watermelon and animal crackers anyone?
Pooks looked a little gigantic, lol. He refused to scoot back.
And just to give you a better of idea of how big my ''big'' boys are getting...a few close ups!
Peanut (18.5mos)
Pooks (3yrs)
Bubba (4yrs)
Then in honor of how much they liked the lake on Monday, we went to a city pool on Tuesday. They loved it and I was shocked at how well they listened and stayed by me. I'll be honest I was nervous about taking 3 toddlers to the pool alone but they did great. We're thinking we'll buy a summer pass for all of us. Then we can go whenever we want and save so much money.

Wednesday we opted to stay home and play in our tiny pool and sprinkler. The pool is tiny because, well because I have a severe case of pregnancy brain. For the record 52inches is not five feet, lol. I thought I bought the same size as last year but I was wrong.

(Auntie Jude if you're reading this...we're still using the sprinkler that you got Bubba on his 2nd bday. 2 summers and 3 boys...still going strong. They love it, I love it.)
I had to buy Pooks a new suit. His fishie one from the lake was a bit too short for a boys' suit so we picked up a quick $5 'Independence Day' suit from Walmart. He loves it!

And for those wondering, yep my big ol' pregnancy belly was in a swimsuit for all 3 occasions. Not just a swimsuit but a bikini, lol. I figure no matter what I wear, you'll see that I'm pregnant. I might as well get a tan and stay nice and cool :) I'll spare ya the pics!

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