Saturday, June 26, 2010

"It's pinkalicious!"

Last night, I finished up Sweetcheeks bedding.

I love it. And apparently Bubba does too. When he came into my bedroom this morning and saw the pink lantern and the crib all set up the first thing out of his little mouth was "Mom, It's pinkalicious!"

I have no clue where he learned that but it was hysterical! Every single time he goes in there he says that it's just "so pinkalicious." I asked him if he thought Sissy would like it and he said "Yes, cause it's super pretty."

I ♥ that kid!

I decided to make all of her crib bedding back in May. It was an ordeal finding the fabric...I fell in love with a fabric but when I went to purchase it, it had been clearanced. After calling 8 stores in cities up to 2 hours away, no luck. I had friends and family checking locations in Colorado and Ohio and to no avail it couldn't be found. So after a couple days I finally settled on a new fabric. It took me a couple more days to really commit to it but once I did, there was no turning back. Using the tutorial found here:

I went to work.

And boy was it work! Not anything extremely difficult, just time consuming. I had to cut all the fabric for the six panels (12 total), measure and cut all the fabric for the ties (24 of those) and the piping (six of those). I broke this up into several different evenings of work. Seeings how everything I've ever made before didn't require exact measurements, it was a trip! I broke down and bought a cutting mat and rotary cutter and that sped things up tremendously. So by Thursday night, I had finished the panels. Last night I finished the skirt. While I still need to make the quilt, I couldn't resist assembling the crib and putting it all up.

Love it!
The inside fabric was not my first choice but I love it now that it's on there!
The outside fabric and the ties, I fell in love with the minute I saw them... Like the day after I found out I was having a girl.
Nanaw bought this bear for Sweetcheeks the exact same day that we found out we were having a girl. It may be the softest thing I've ever felt!
Yesterday I also hung up a pink lantern; we'll use it in place of a lamp for night time feedings.
**all fabric used is from "Brother Sister Design Studio", a line exclusively sold at Hobby Lobby. Lantern from Hobby Lobby as well; sheet is by Bright Future; I believe sold at Kohl's**

So after taking weeks to assemble and sew the bumpers, I'm now super excited to get to work on the quilt. I was really hesitant as I was making the bumpers, not sure I was ''in love'' with it; wondering if I should have just ordered something premade, etc. But at 1:34am last night as I tied the last tie into a little bow, stepped back and looked at the whole thing, I loved it.

Honestly, I don't think the pictures even do it justice. So yes, while Sweetcheeks will be in our room for...well for as long as we breastfeed or until we move, which ever comes first...I hope she enjoys her own little space :)


  1. You are AWESOME!! I wish I lived closer and we could do sewing projects together :) And I have that exact same crib, well different color, but the same style (I got after the recall stuff). Anyway, glad you have it all done. Way to go!

  2. I think sweetcheeks will love it!! Looks so cute, I definitely agree with Bubba ; D


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