Monday, May 17, 2010

well child check ups

Pooks turns 3 tomorrow (eek!) and Peanut will be 18mos old on Wednesday. Let me just say that it's a very good thing that I'm pregnant again or I think my biological clock would be ticking so loudly for another baby, that people in China would be able to hear it. I just cannot believe how fast they are growing. People always tell you that they "grow up so fast" and they do. It's hard to believe in the first few sleep deprived-sore nipples-no clean clothes-haven't showered in days months, but they do grow up so quickly.

I remember like yesterday, the day Pooks was born. I had been in labor for days having contractions from 10min-5mins apart, I was dilated to almost 4cm but the contractions weren't getting closer or more intense, just annoying. I had a check up with Dr P and he told me to ''walk''. I hadn't tried that one! So, being the sensible person that I am, I mowed the yard. In May. While 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant. In 80 degree weather. With a push mower.

Ding, ding, ding! Contractions! Four minutes apart and intense, even after a shower. We headed to the hospital around 2pm and by 7pm, Pooks was born. After a drug-free labor and about 3 pushes, all 6lbs and 5oz and 19inches of him had arrived.

Six pounds and 5 oz.


Today, at just one day shy of being 3 years old, he weighed thirty one pounds and was thirty five and a half inches tall.

Definitely not a baby. Not even close!
Even Peanut, my tiny little peanut that was my early Thanksgiving present, is no longer a baby. At just 2 days shy of being eighteen months old, Peanut weighed 22.2lbs and was 31.5 inches tall. Quite the difference from his birthday, when he weighed just 6lbs 13oz and was 20 inches tall. He now walks, runs, talks and guess what...climbs!
Yeah...last time I checked, babies cannot do that.

So listen when people say ''Cherish this, they grow up fast" because while my oldest is only 4, I can attest that it's true. Today my oldest ''baby'' told me that I was ''just too mean mom'' because I wouldn't let him have an ice cream cone, before dinner. Challenging? Yes. But it was just yesterday that he made sounds for rain and called my mama.

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