Thursday, May 13, 2010

"oh wow"

Lately bubba and pooks have come up with the cutest little sayings and it's amazing to me how much they converse with each other. Granted most of their talking happens over naptime or bedtime when they should be sleeping but it's adorable none the less.

Bubba's newest catchphrase is ''Oh wow" and "dat's super cool''. Usually they are said together. He uses it when talking about a toy, dinner, getting to go somewhere. I mean really, when does it not work? And he says it more like ''kewl'' than cool. Gosh I love his little speech impediment!

Pooks' vocabulary is pretty much equal to Bubba's in the words that he knows, although it is still a bit more difficult to understand him. While he doesn't have a certain saying, he is very into singing. The Backyardigan's theme song, The Scooby Doo theme song, ''Boom Boom Pow" and "I Gotta A Feeling'' happen to be his favorites. And he busts out in song just about anytime or anywhere. I wish I could catch it on video but he always freezes up.

And Peanut, while he doesn't have a certain saying or sing, he is talking...quite a bit actually. Well more so than the other boys were at 18mos. If I really think about it, he regularly says:
nanaw, papa, mama, dada, hollie, cracker (cack-uh), shoe, yes, no, dog, banana, apple, grape, juice, cookie (ookie), this, that, go, hi and bye. He tries to say ''whats that?" but it comes out sounding something like "uts-that". He's doing pretty good, if I say so myself. and I do!

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