Monday, May 24, 2010

It's a....

...about time to get your gender guess in!

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Today is Monday night. By Thursday night, we will know what this baby is. Seeing how our last ultrasound the baby looked like this:
It should be a lot of fun to see a kicking, wiggling, baby in there. Even more fun if we can find out the gender.

In the meantime, I've done/taken just about every gender prediction game out there. Here are the tests and the results:

One of the big internet ones is the ''Chinese Gender Chart''. I will say, it was wrong with all of my boys. Every single one of them was a ''girl'' according to the chart. Now with Sweetcheeks, the result is actually boy. (age of 25, month of feb) Going my my previous history of being the opposite of what it predicts...that means this test would say ''Girl''.

"The Ring Test"- this is a simple test as well. You take a wedding band and attach it to a thread. Hang it over the belly on the mom to be and if it swings in circles, the result is girl. If it swings side to side, it would be a boy. I used B's wedding band and a piece of thread...the right immediately swung in a circle. This test says "Girl".

On the same website at the Ring test, I took the ''Old Wives Tales Gender Predictor" test and after answering all 15 questions it gave me the result "40% chance boy, 60% chance girl". So the result was ''Girl'' but just barely...

Now this next test, I can't find on the internet. A friend told me about it and according to her, she doesn't know a single person who the test outcome ended up being the wrong gender from what was predicted. It's pretty simple, take the mothers age at conception and add it to the number of the month that the baby was conceived. If the end result is an odd number then you will give birth to a girl. If the end result is even, then you will have a boy. With bubba, pooks and peanut I got an even number every time. Test says, all boys. Obviously, it was right.
Bubba 21 + 7 (july) = 28 (even)
Pooks- 22 + 8 (aug) = 30 (even)
Peanut 23 + 3 (march) = 26 (even)
So in this case, I was 25 and conceived in February, so 2. Then add, 25+2=27 which is an odd number. An odd number means "Girl".

Are we noticing a pattern here yet?

Then you have to figure in the oldest wives tale in the book; the heart rate. Supposedly if the babies heart rate is under 140, then you will have a boy. If the heart rate is over 140, then you are having a girl. This baby's heart rate is consistently between 155-163. Now I would get all excited and say girl but I'm gonna go with "Inconclusive". Because, while both Bubba and Pooks heart rate was usually in the upper 130's, Peanut's was not. His was always between 150-155. So I have trouble assuming Girl.

So as you can see, all the test/predictions are saying ''Girl''.

I however have trouble believing that! What do you think??


  1. I want to say girl, but given the history I say boy, LOL! Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be a healthy bundle of joy!!

  2. girl! girl! girl!! can't wait to hear... good luck!

  3. I am guessing GIRL!! I am basing that on the heartbeat- it has been just like Lily's. Tate's was much lower. I can't wait to hear!

  4. I'm betting on the odds and guessing a girl. Can't WAIT to hear!

  5. I'm betting on the odds and guessing a girl. Can't WAIT to hear! ;)

  6. I always guess wrong, so I'm just going to say that I can't wait to hear what you're having!! It would be fun for you to have a little girl so you can have some more estrogen in that house with all the testosterone, but your boys are so stinkin' cute that I'd love to see another one! :)


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