Thursday, May 20, 2010

it's like they want me to starve

Seriously. Lately my cravings have changed. Previously I wanted/craved cold fruit and cheese...well, that's out the window. Last night I wanted crunchy beef tacos from Taco Bell so bad that I could practically taste it. B gets home from playing poker and runs to Taco Bell for me, only to discover that at 11:50pm they were already closed. What.the.hell? They advertise this whole ''Fourth Meal'' crap and close before midnight. Seriously? I was starving and pissed.

Then today we went grocery shopping. Now I understand that you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're hungry, blah blah blah but guess what? I have three kids so we go shopping whether mama is hungry or not. We actually ''needed'' chips (well as much as anyone really needs chips) and the boys wanted Cheetos. All the sudden those Cheeto Puffs sounded real good. So I convinced the kids that we didn't want Crunchy; we wanted those Puffs. All I could think about was those yummy cheesy orange puffs from my childhood.

We get home, I make the boys some PB&J sandwiches, cut up some purple grapes and open up the Cheetos. To which I was sadly disappointed. Previously when buying Cheetos Puffs, they were about the size of my pinky finger. Perfect size for toddlers; Bubba used to LOVE them (but lately all they want is crunchy).

Apparently they no longer make those Cheetos. The "new" Cheetos are approximately the size of what I can only imagine a Giant's thumb would be. They are seriously like 3 times the size. Which not only pisses off the pregnant woman but also seems more hazardous for kids. My mom used to freak out when I shoved the entire Cheeto in my mouth, so you can imagine my horror when Peanut was attempting to do the same with this supersized version. Seriously aren't Cheeto's marketed towards kids? I hate it when they change a good thing.

So 2 cravings in 2 days and 0 actually fulfilled. ACK!

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  1. Pregnancy cravings are the worst cravings, IMO, because they MUST be satisfied or you can't hardly function! It's sad really. I've been craving the crunchy cheetos though, which is odd for me cause I usually prefer the puffs. Hope you can get your cravings satisfied sometime soon. :)


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