Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i'm a little bit crazy, but its how i roll

So we all know that I am the type of person that likes to be kept busy. I'm constantly making or planning something. And well, sometimes I get in a little over my head. It all works out fine but in the days of chaos I often ask myself ''WHAT WAS I THINKING?"

For example, I knew that B was going to be out of town til the 7th or 8th of May; I've known this for over a month. So when planning Pooks 3rd birthday party, why would I decide to have his party on the 8th? Well because the following weekend (15th) is Graduation and the town is nuts, plus Nanaw Phew Phew is having her thyroid removed and wouldn't be able to attend. The weekend after that (22nd) is my cousin Christopher's High School Graduation...I didn't have it that Saturday because I didn't want to make family drive to our town, just to return home for one night and then drive all the way to his town. (Aren't I considerate?) So it was decided that despite B's return flight possibly being on the 8th, that would be party day. His party is in the evening for this reason.

Okay so taking care of 3 boys keeps me busy and being pregnant keeps me tired, but I knew I could do it. We're ordering pizza so I don't have to cook and Nanaw is making his cake. For some other reason (I can't remember now) we decided to have the party at our house, in the yard. (Oh, because it's a Backyardigan's party and they play,where else, in the backyard). So my only real responsibility is decorating and cleaning my house.

One might think I would have plenty of time in the days leading up to the party to clean.

To them, I say ''HA!"

Bubba's on his last week of school, so Monday thru Thursday morning is sucked up by preschool.

Then Thursday afternoon/evening, I will be watching Little Diva while her mom is at school. Four kids by myself? Not a big deal, I've done it before. She will be leaving around bedtime which gives me that evening to clean the house.

And only after I plan the date of the party would I then remember that I agreed to watch Little L (peanuts BFF) all day Friday while his mommy and grandma go to The City for a 3D ultrasound to find out what gender of sibling he will be having, then subsequently go shopping.

Not a big deal, we love Little L and he'll be with us til early evening. Still have some time that evening to get things done. Like clean my house after having 5 kids ransack it in 2 days. And you know, bake the sugar cookies so I can put together goody bags. Straighten up the garage so we can set up the tables. Oh wait...B comes home early Friday evening. Which means excited crazy toddlers, happy to see there daddy. Which means unpacking and laundry. Which means happy chaos and wound up happy little kids. Which means frazzled mommy, tired daddy and probably a minor disagreement over something small I'm sure, in the making.

I know me. I'll be busily trying to put everything together while simultaneously remembering four other things I need to do at the same time. I'll probably ask (or tell) B to help or do something and him being tired from traveling, more laid-back and a procrastinator will tell me that it can wait til he's done eating/later/the morning/etc. Which will only irritate me further. Which will make my anxiety level reach that ''through the roof stage''.

I'm not planning on this or trying to be a crazy anxiety ridden mom, I just have learned from experience. And we all agree that it's worth it in the end.

Then Saturday will come, the kids will be hyped up in anticipation. The morning will be a normal morning. Lunch will be normal. But as soon as they go down for their naps at 1pm, B will stay home with them and I'll be on the move (with Auntie Michelle's assistance). We'll have to go to the party store to get the pre-purchased Mylar balloons filled. (And when I say balloons, read between the lines: I mean the five, 36 inch tall Backyardigan Character balloons that I purchased off of E-Bay. Yes, they are taller and bigger than Pooks) We also have to get a few bags of ice. Come home and get as much decorating as we can (or that the Kansas winds will allow) before the kids wake up.

So yeah, I'm having a bit of a ''WHAT WAS I THINKING?" moment. Can you blame me?


  1. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Just kidding. Try to relax. It will all work out fine, and the party will be FAB. Promise.

  2. Just a heads up the party store charges an outrageous price to fill that size of balloon learned that with Chase's but Dillons fills them up for really cheap! Just thought I would share!

  3. Guess we'll be using my car to get the 5 HUGE balloons home ;)


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