Monday, May 24, 2010

18 weeks and counting...

At 18 weeks into my pregnancy**:

How Far Along:
18 weeks and 3 days

Size of baby:
Length: 5 1/2 inches, head to bottom and about 7 ounces
About the size of a sweet potato

Total Weight Gain/Loss:
?? lbs so far (not sure we don't own at scale, at 16 wks I was up 3lbs)

Maternity Clothes:
Everything I wear is maternity now, except for my sweat pants/workout pants. My favorites are my maternity tanks from Gap and my maternity capris that I've had since I was preggo with pooks. I also have five (spaghetti strap) long tanks, all in super bright colors, from Wet Seal that I layer under everything.

Our ultrasound is THIS Thursday at 3:00pm. Because both B and my Great Grandma B want to find out, we decided that we are finding out the gender!

Within the last week I've started feeling more pokes rather than flutters. Yesterday it felt like the baby did a somersault in there!

Food Cravings:
Cheetos Puffs, Crunchy Tacos from Taco Bell, ice cold Dr. Pepper and cold red grapes

What I miss:
Well this weekend I wanted a frozen strawberry margarita like it was no one's business but obviously, I didn't get that!

I have not been sleeping well at all. I usually toss and turn for about 30 minutes before I fall asleep then wake up 3-4 times a night needing to pee!

I am definitely having an increased appetite! But I'm also experiencing more and more hip/lower back pain and headaches.

Best Moment this week:
Getting to see the baby on Thursday :)

What I am looking forward to:
Finding out the sex and knowing if I need to go through totes in the basement or if I get to go shopping!

**totally got the idea for the pregnancy stats from Katie's Blog. Hope ya don't mind Katie, great idea!

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  1. I don't mind, how could I? I stole from someone else's blog ; ] Can't wait to hear this Thursday!!!


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