Friday, April 9, 2010

what's in a name?

For obvious reasons, my family has had baby names on the brain. Remember how little peanut was nameless for over 24 hours? Yeah well that wasn't our shining moment as parents. Having the nurses refer to your child as "T--- Baby Boy" and having everyone who called, texted and vistited immediately ask "So did you decide on a name?" Granted we ended up choosing a name that was on our list all along but still; it wasn't the best experience. We should have been enjoying our little guy wholeheartedly (and don't get me wrong we were) but we were also constantly asking "Does he look like a [insert name here]".

Bubba and pooks ask me almost ''what's that baby's name?" And amazingly enough, B and I found a name that we both love. It's a boy name (we're still at a loss for a girls name) but we both love it, it flows nicely with the middle name and our lastname, it doesn't give him weird initials, and it sounds good with the other boys' names as well.

So what is it?

Well, I'm not telling. Sorry! We're still on the fence about whether we will find out sweetcheeks gender at the ultrasound or wait for the birth but we have decided this: If we find out the gender, we will keep the names a surprise. If we don't find out the gender, then we will share our top names. This way there will be a surprise at the birth (in some form) but we're not leaving people hanging the entire pregnancy either. Wasn't that considerate of us?


  1. Can't wait to either here the name(s) or the baby's sex but most of all can't wait to know BOTH! lol :)

  2. You know what my suggestion for a girl name would be.... :)


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