Sunday, April 4, 2010

it was eggcellent

Today, we met up with Katie, Brandon and E who were in town for a visit. After a delicious lunch at Mr. Goodcents, we headed to the zoo. Today was their Eggstravaganza event and the kids had a blast. Basically they had Dinosaur eggs laid out throughout the entire zoo, as well as little booths and tables about animals, bones and fossils. It's a little zoo, while it has chimps and tigers there are no giraffes, elephants, rhinos, lions, etc. It's a fun way to use up at afternoon :) This was the first time we went where peanut was actually awake the entire time and could see the animals. I took a ton of pics, the boys were in great moods and behaved very well. Here are a few:
Pooks standing with the cheetahs (yes, his eyes are closed)

All of the kids enjoyed watching the otters
as well as the cranes....
peanut excited about that twizzler!

The peacocks must be in mating season. The males kept squawking and shaking their feathers while following the females who seemed highly uninterested.
Bubba had his face painted to look like a Tiger. Pooks and peanut passed on that choice!
Pooks was pretty interested in the screech owl
Spring is officially on the way. The trees had buds and even a few blooms!
and Katie's cute little family :)
Unfortunately we didn't get a group pic or a picture of all the kids. We forgot to last time too. Oh well, blame it on pregnancy brains ;)

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