Monday, April 19, 2010

"how do you do it?"

Ever since I started having little ones, shortly after I've fallen pregnant with the next little one. The gap between Sweetcheeks and Peanut will be our largest a whopping 22/23 months. I actually figured it out and from the time Bubba was born to the time of Sweetcheeks expected arrival is a a mere 4 years and 6 (or 7) months. When I type it out, I sound nuts!

"How do you do it?"

I hear this question often. That or "3 boys and you're pregnant again...I don't know how you do it!" I usually just smile and say that some days are better than others. {Because it's the truth!} For the most part, I don't know any differently. While most days go off without a hitch; we get up around 7:30, I get 3 little ones breakfast. Help them get dressed plus get myself showered, dressed and presentable. Clean up the dishes, straighten the living room and we're out the door by 8:35 to take Bubba to school.

Most mornings are like that.

But some aren't. Some days we botch up the whole morning and thus our entire day.Some days are about survival. Some days are about taking the easy way out. Doing anything and everything to keep everyone happy til bedtime.

Like today. We overslept and didn't get up til 8am. Bubba woke up crying saying that his "head just hurt". He hadn't bumped it or hit it on anything; he didn't have a fever, his eyes looked fine so I assumed he had a headache. I asked if he felt like going to school and he said no. So we didn't. I wasn't hard to convince. I wasn't feeling so great myself (morning sickness has struck again) and we would have been scrambling to get everyone ready in 35 minutes. So we laid in my bed and watched Mickey Mouse before heading downstairs to eat breakfast.

Most days we eat breakfast at the table. The boys have a banana, some cereal with milk and either a cup of milk or OJ.

Today was not that day. Today they ate dry cereal and fruit snacks with a sippy of milk each, while sitting on their blankets in the living room and watching Dora.
See this was easier while I was running up and down stairs, racing to get to the bathroom before throwing up. And guess what? No one complained. They all survived and no one starved.

They spent the entire morning in pajamas, watching movies, playing with cars, talking to nanaw, hitting each other and coloring on their magna-doodles. Bubba surprised me by doing this...without asking me how to spell anything:
I made a super easy lunch of mac & cheese with cut up hot-dogs and grapes. I'd love to say that they enjoyed homemade organic mac and cheese...but that'd be a lie. It was good ol' blue box mac and cheese and oscar mayer (all beef) hot dogs. The healthiest lunch? Nope. But they ate it, told me it was ''super delicious'' and that I was a ''great cooker''. They went down for a nap, still in pajamas, but with full bellies.

And now that they are sleeping I'm attempting to keep down a sandwich, while blogging and checking facebook. Fully aware that my laundry room looks like this:
( in my defense, the clothes in the white basket are clean and semi folded--and I did sort the dirty laundry)
and our sink looks like this:
and I'm not caring. At all.

If I've learned one thing as a mom....the one thing that helps me ''do it everyday'' it's this:

Some things can wait. The world isn't going to end if the dishes sit in the sink all day. Toddlers don't care if they don't get a home-cooked meal. Husbands don't complain about laundry...until they have no clean socks/undersear to wear for work. You can grow a healthy baby inside of you, even if you throw up everything and only keep down Doritos and a pre-natal vitamin.

While most days are great, some are about survival. And that's okay too.

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