Friday, April 2, 2010

here we go again...

On Thursday I had my first OB appointment. It wasn't anything exciting as your first appointment is with the nurse to go over medical history, previous births/pregnancies, etc. The whole ''do you plan to breastfeed/formula feed/circumsize your baby" ordeal. They also draw blood and take a urine sample as well as get your base weight and blood pressure. The nurse was nice, but I was confused when she kept saying comments about me having the appt ''late'' and almost being out of the 1st trimester. I thought I wasn't even 10 weeks at the appointment.

Well apparently, they didn't change my due date. They have no reason to. The ultrasound tech who had absolutely no bed-side manners and sucked anyway had informed me that I wasn't as far along as they thought and that I was a week behind what they originally calculated. She said that Dr P would be changing it in my file, that it shouldn't mess up my appointment schedule too much and that the new due date was Oct 29. Fine whatever. I was happy to see a baby and honestly the kiddo is gonna come when he/she feels ready not when they say that I'm due

According to the nurse, they didn't change it and won't unless it's a drastic difference or if two or more ultrasounds show a difference. Her explanation was valid; when the tech measured the embryo it was 3mm. We're talking millimeters people. If she was off even a fraction in her measurement and trust me this tech was a total idiot it translates into days and even weeks for growth.

So, what the hell does any of this mean? Well, nothing really. All it really does is screw up my weekly belly pictures as they are all off by a week now and labeled wrong. You might have noticed that the ticker has been updated to reflect my new due date. My due date is now Oct 22nd. Which is still slightly confusing as I was originally told the the 23rd but like I said it doesn't really matter.

What it will help with is at my first appt with Dr P (on apr 16th) they should be able to hear the heartbeat (hopefully!) with the Doppler. It means that our ''big'' ultrasound should be the first week in June and that I have to do the dang glucose tolerance test at the end of July. I declined the quad screening (it's pointless as we wouldn't do an amniocentesis or abort if something was wrong) and as of yesterday my weight, blood pressure and iron levels are all good.

So to round out the confusion, I'll just leave with a belly pic where I don't feel any bigger than I have previously:
Oh and the black shirt is one of those thin tissue t-shirts for layering; I'm not so big that I'm stretching my clothes to the point of being see-through.

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  1. There was a bunch of confusion with my due date too! The sono tech said based on the baby's size, she would put my due date as February 18th instead of February 26th like they had thought. I also always measured ahead when Dr. P felt for the baby. They never technically changed my due date (they told me they don't change it unless the due date is off by 10 days or more...mine was off by 8 days so VERY close to 10) but once I was told that February 18th would be a more accurate due date, I changed and told people the 18th was my due date. It really messed with my belly pics too and I remember being frustrated about it too! If you look at my belly pics on FB you can see that I went back and changed it on my pics, but it was still confusing. Parker ended up being born on Feb. 25, so either one week "late" or 1 day "early"...however you want to look at it. It's true that since all three of your boys have come pretty early, a "due date" really doesn't mean a whole lot...


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