Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone reading had as nice of an Easter as we did. This was the first year that the boys seemed to understand what was going on. Bubba definitely remembered the Egg hunt...He was a man on a mission when it came to tracking those down! Overall it was a great day. Perfect weather, the kids were in great moods and we were able to spend it with awesome friends and family. (Except for Nanaw, she had to work because her place of employment is evil). I kinda went overboard with the pics...we'll see if I'm actually able to upload them!
The discovering of the baskets!
(each kiddo received a hollow chocolate bunny, a new toothbrush, a bottle of bubbles, a candy carrot and an egg full of jelly beans as well as a card from Mom and Dad)
Bubba was super excited about his candy carrot
Once pooks realized it was candy, he was much more excited too!
Peanut was a little overwhelmed. He wasn't quite ready to wake up and didn't really know what was going first.
Shortly after going through his basket, bubba saw an egg hiding.
Pooks wasn't one to be left behind
Once peanut realized there was candy involved, he was excited. With Bubba's help, he managed to find a few eggs too!
There were 10 or 12 eggs hidden inside the house, then about 2 dozen hidden outside for later.
Like I said, very excited about the candy (jelly beans)
They were allowed to eat the ears off of their bunnies before breakfast. The rest was saved for later. The result was "Mmmm".
it was unanimous...chocolate = good.
Peanut was seriously worried that someone would take it from him, lol.
A lousy attempt at a picture of all 3 kiddos. Note to self: candy does not make for a good picture.
After the egg hunt, the boys got dressed while I started getting everything ready for lunch. Growing up my family has always eaten holiday meals as a late lunch rather than a dinner. It works best for us so we continued the tradition. While the kids watched playhouse Disney and played with B, I went to work. We had a honey and orange glazed ham, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing and Southern Banana Pudding. Papa came over for lunch and around 12:45 we sat down to eat.
(and yes, I ♥ stuffing!)
After lunch it was finally the time that the boys had been waiting for: the outdoor egg hunt. The older boys had cheated slightly by looking out the front window to see all the eggs.
When that front door opened, Bubba was off!
Pooks caught on that speed is a necessity
Bubba was a machine, I swear he could spot them so quickly. But he was also quick to share and point them out to pooks and peanut.
And what was peanut doing this whole time? Well he was eating the jelly beans. He could have cared less about searching for eggs, he just wanted the candy.
After they found all the eggs and their buckets were full, I had Papa snap a few pictures of us. This is our last Easter as a family of five, ya know. They turned out great...squinting eyes and all :)
(did I mention it was a gorgeous sunny day?)
and we wouldn't dare forget Papa!
Happy Easter!!! Welcome Spring :)

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