Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finally! Bubba's birthday pics...

Yes! Blogger (while still being highly annoying with uploading pictures) is finally allowing me to upload so we're going all out with the pictures today. Originally we had planned on having a pizza party at home. At the last minute we changed that to a pizza party at Pizza Hut, using their party room. It worked out wonderfully! While we didn't get to go crazy on the decorating, the space was perfect and we didn't have to clean near as much. Totally worth it! Here are the pictures from Bubba's Birthday party...enjoy :)

Nanaw and Connor eyeballing the pizzas
The theme of the party was Scooby-Doo. In honor of that, Nanaw made a Scooby cake
and because I love chocolate, I made dirt cups. Instead of gummi worms, graham cracker Scooby Snacks were buried in the dirt
The birthday boy eating with some of his family and friends
Okay...blogger isn't letting me fit all the pics so I'm having to seriously condense down. Needless to say there were almost 30 people at the party. I did get pics but can't upload them. Let's move on to some present opening, shall we:
opening up his Haunted House from Ashly and Belle
Notice Bubba's customized Scooby shirt, courtesy of Papa :)
Everybody watching him open gifts
Excited about the stickers inside the card
When Bubba opened up the present with this Scooby, he immediately said ''[Pooks], dis one is for you!" Yeah, super sweet and pooks loves it!
Bubba got, a ton of presents. I took a ton of pics. Again, I can't post them all so moving on to cake...

attempting to blow out that candle...
pooks had to come in as back up and help
Finally, after about 10 tries they got that candle out!

Pooks digging into to both cakes.
The Birthday Boy saying ''Mmmmm"
and lastly, Peanut. Who on his own birthday wouldn't touch the cake. Yeah, not so much this time...dirt cake was apparently worth the mess!

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  1. The pictures are all soooo cute! It was nice seeing you all yesterday!



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