Wednesday, April 14, 2010

12.5 weeks

HI! Long time no blog (well, long time for me). Sorry about that, I temporarly lost the memory card for my DSLR and wasn't able to take pics for about a week. I found it today (between the couch cushions) so pictures and posts will be resuming back to normal.

In the meantime, here is my belly pic for week 12. I took it late but I did want to make sure to take one because, well my belly looks preggo now and not like I ate a few too many fries at lunch. I actually had a random person ask me when I was due; which to be honest I think is pretty ballsy...I mean if you see a woman will a bit of a gut and 3 small kids with her...would you ask?
Yes, there is only one baby and yes my due date is correct. *Sigh* I know I'll be saying that for the next few months! I can't help it, I show early. Even when carrying Bubba, I had a belly by 15 weeks. I get big fast, stay that size till about 24 weeks, then gradually get bigger and bigger until I deliver. I don't mind at all, other than the questions from others.

So what have we been up too....

Well I never did post the pics from the park with Katie so here are some of those (this was on the evening of Easter):

we thought it would be a good idea to get a pic of all 4 kiddos together...
easier said than actually done.
and lastly a pic of Katie and I together. We are due within 3 days of each other :)
Unfortuately, those are the best pics we got. A lot of the pics had really bad shadows, so some didn't turn out. But it was fun!

Then this past Saturday we went to a nearby zoo. It was, honestly, highly disappointing. I remember it being a great zoo but they haven't kept it maintained like it should be. 3 tigers in one {small} cage and there was no grass or trees in their area at all :( The animals all looked super depressed and the entire place looked rundown. The kids enjoyed it but it's not a zoo we will be visiting again anytime soon.

and a self portrait from the train ride.
All in all, we've been up to the same old same old. The weather has been awesome so we've been outside a lot. I'm no longer sick and even my exhaustion seems to be easing up so that's helped tremendously. The boys have been behaving, for the most part.

Peanut is walking more and more (meaning we don't take the stroller, not that he wasn't walking) and listening to instructions and holding hands--he did great at the zoo! Pooks is planning his 3rd birthday (we're doing Backyardigans) and Bubba is having fun in school. His last day is May 5th and I know he's gonna ask me all summer ''Do I get to go to school today?" It'll start again at the end of August and I know him and Pooks (who will also attend) are already so excited!

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