Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sickos & seventy degrees

here is a run-down of my morning. woke up at 6:40something to B's cell phone alarm and peanut fussing. got peanut, snuggled in bed and watched a little ''curious george'' this the big brothers woke up around 7:20. came downstairs. changed peanuts diaper. snuggled up in the recliner for a much needed breathing treatment. finish breathing treatment only to discover that he's still wheezing. it's not quite 8am and i can't call the doctors office til 8:30. i know the drill, they'll want me to bring him in ASAP. get kids situated with froot loops and orange juice. get everyone's clothes picked out and placed on the sofa. run upstairs, brush teeth, apply make-up. run downstairs clean up cereal and get the little dudes started on getting dressed. at 8:32 phone doctors office, explain. nurse wants us to head in as soon as i can get us all there. big boys are dressed, i'm dressed. let the dog out, change peanut again and get him dressed. get everyone in the car. go to doctor.

find out that peanut has bronchitis and is now on an oral steriod, breathing treatments every 4 hours and a prescription cough syrup for at bedtime. pooks is also now on prednisone and breathing treatments morning, noon and night for wheezing with his cough.

run to store, grab a few groceries and go to get medicine. clean up pooks vomit off of the pharmacy waiting area's floor. apologize profusely. leave store.

get home in time for another round of breathing treatments. peanut then pooks. turn on backyardigans, fix lunch. find peanut asleep on couch. let him doze for a few minutes while i get lunch on the table. wake a very cranky peanut who sits in his highchair but refuses to eat anything. drinks entire cup of apple juice.

pooks shortly announces that he's full, everyone else follows. dose out prescriptions, wash hands, go upstairs and NAPTIME!

boys nap = mama naps. we all nap from 12:15-2:20. kids wake up in wonderful happy moods.

wander around downstairs while they wake up and have a snack. head to sonic for a bag of ice and happy hour slushes. once outside realize it's 70 degrees so i agree to letting them play in the front yard. happiness ensues:
pooks telling me that ''I's still coffin' mama"
boys pretending to be pirates
bubba, will be 4 on sunday (yikes!)
peanut while sick nonetheless, is a total dare devil. i glanced over to find him attempting to stand on the seat of his ride on toy. he did not like being caught:
and finally what i thought was a super cute pic until i realized he has snot running down from his nose, into his mouth. ugh.
all in all we were outside for about 45 minutes until pooks started throwing up in the grass and peanut kept attempting to run into the street. the rest of the night pretty much was a repeat of eating, breathing treatments, throwing up and chaos.

please oh please let them be better tomorrow!

(i should add that bubba is doing wonderfully. no pain, no coughing and wants to go to school tomorrow!)

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