Wednesday, March 3, 2010

remember the horrible sickness that cascaded over our house this weekend?

yeah well there is finally an end in sight. we all 5 piled into the car yesterday and went to the doctor. there is only so long where one can handle the feeling of coughing up a lung while going back and forth between hot and cold all while taking care of everyone else and wiping noses every 2.2 seconds.

turns out we caught a nasty little virus and on top of that, peanut also has an ear infection. so after a dose of mucinex for B, zithromax for peanut and nothing but fluids and tylenol for the remaining 3 of us we returned home. last night was rough; the virus has moved into peanuts chest, thus resulting in breathing treatments. again. although i have to say, he's taking them pretty well.
bubba, pooks and B have been fever free for over 24 hours. peanut and I haven't been quite so lucky, although mine is much lower than peanuts. bubba will finally get to go to school tomorrow! it's like a christmas miracle {except, well it's not christmas}. he is so excited! of course he'll go tomorrow and then not again til monday {there is no class on fridays} but at least he'll get out of the house for a bit. never in our entire history as a family have we all gotten so sick at the same time. today we went to the grocery store just so the kids could get out of the house!

here is hoping thats the last illness of winter. we're ready for spring!

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