Sunday, March 7, 2010

P is for Park

which is where we went today! it was gorgeous out! almost 60 degrees and sunny. after the longest winter ever and then being sick for the last week, i think i was itching to get outside even more so than the kids were. i couldn't wait for them to wake up from their naps so that we could get outdoors and play. we ended up having to go to two parks to find one that wasn't overly crowded. (seriously the first one, there was no where to park!).
all 3 little monkeys climbing. well, peanut was trying to push it over!
bubba made it to the top and wanted me to ''cheese'' him
the playground was really really crowded so we took a small break from playing and went on a little walk. they have these fitness paths that go all through the park and the older boys like climbing and hanging from the bars. peanut however could have cared less about the obstacles. peanut loved being able to walk. granted it was painstakingly slow, but he was doing it and {if you click on the pic} you can see on his face how excited he was!
once back to the playground, the boys resumed playing. pooks loves slides!
peanut was much more excited about the swings today
{as opposed to previous attempts when younger}
this park/playground is old. the equipment pre-dates even me playing there as a kid. there is no fancy roller slide or zip-line. no rope bridges and it certainly doesn't have a play surface made from recycled tires. nope, it has good old fashioned sand. well, more like pebbles. and the boys love to use these old hand-diggers to scoop and pour all those pebbles!
it was really exciting to watch peanut today. he hadn't been to a park since the fall and because he didn't start walking until december, he never actually had played at one before. so seeing him touch the pebbles, pull up grass and really watch the other kids was pretty cool. definitely could see all the excitement in his face. his absolute favorite thing was this ''big'' slide. he went down it all by himself, over and over again.

and lastly, i took the opportunity to take another family self-portrait via the timer:
not too bad, i think! look how much the kids have grown since august!
they're growing like weeds i tell ya!


  1. We're loving the warmer weather here too! I just need to find out from my mommy friends where their favorite Columbia parks are (we've just been playing in the backyard so far).

  2. Cute, cute! Don't you love the nice weather?


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