Monday, March 1, 2010

open gym and one rough weekend!

a local gymnastics place has open gym on fridays. for just $4 the kids can go and run around like wild banshees for an hour and a half. they can play in the foam pits, the trampolines, bars, rings, mats--anything really. i took them once, a long time ago and it turns out it really isn't something that one adult can do with 3 kids. they all take off in different directions and it's impossible to keep an eye on all of them! so we took advantage of B being home on friday and went as a family, along with marc, hollie and lando. the boys had a blast!
peanut walking on the beam
 the older boys loved the trampoline, peanut not so much
the foam pit was a close second, and no pooks isn't hurt; he didn't want his pic taken
B tossed peanut in there too but he didn't really like it
so after open gym we all went to lunch at mr.goodcents. oh how i love thee! it was delicious and surprisingly calm for having 4 kids under the age of 4 all eating together. shortly after lunch, i started getting a really sharp pain in my lower abdomen. at first i just chalked it up to growing pains as my uterus is expanding at a rapid rate right now. well the longer it went on, the more i thought i should have it checked out. i called my ob/gyn nurse and she agreed; i went straight up for an ultrasound.

it ended up being the worst ultrasound, ever. first off, there was no sign of a baby or a gestational sac. at all. never in all 3 previous pregnancies have i ever seen an empty uterus. it was heart-wrenching. the sonographer kept saying ''no pregnancy seen in uterus''. which can be explained by two things: miscarriage and mis-calculation of dates. while i didn't feel like i'd had a miscarriage, one can't help but wonder. i was 6 weeks along, at that point you can usually see a heartbeat so imagine my shock when we couldn't see anything. so after the ultrasound they wanted me to have blood drawn to find out exactly "how" pregnant i was. when you're pregnant your body starts producing a hormone called hcg and it shows up in your bloodstream. they can actually test to see how much of that hormone is present and in a normal healthy pregnancy, that number will double every 48 hours. so on friday that number was 2,704. not horrible but not great for supposedly being six weeks along. i had to go back in monday morning (today) for another draw to see if it doubled.

i went in at 8am this morning. i didn't hear anything until after 3pm this afternoon (by which time i was furious). when they finally returned my 2 messages, i found out that my numbers did indeed double. today they were over 5,000! so, YAY i am pregnant. however, it looks like i might not be as far along as we originally thought. when the nurse first called me, i was instructed to come back in on wednesday for another lab draw followed up by an ultrasound next week. well two hours later i got another phone call saying scratch that; Dr P liked the look of my blood draws and doesn't see a purpose to poke me again. my levels rised, i'm not bleeding or cramping, so instead i'm having an ultrasound done this friday. wish us luck that we see a baby!

to top off the entire weekend, we all caught the flu. well i assume it's the flu. it started with B on friday night and progressed to everyone by today. every single one of us has a cough, sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, fever, chills and general aches. i'm talking fevers of 102. we've gone through 3 boxes of tissues. saturday was the worst for B, yesterday the worst for me. the kids were horrible today. pooks told me several times today that his teeth hurt. at one point today, bubba refused to walk. none of them really ate today despite the fact that i let them pick whatever they wanted for dinner. pooks and peanut had a pb&j sandwich with vanilla pudding and bubba chose pizza and pudding. none of them really ate, but they have drank a ton of orange juice. while i still feel a little like death, i feel amazingly better since last night! i am hoping that they wake up feeling better tomorrow, although i still won't take bubba to school since he had a fever today.

ugh, what a weekend! here is hoping that the rest of our week improves!

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  1. SO glad to hear your HCG levels had doubled!! I'm sure that must have been so scary! Hope you all get over the yucky sickness going around!!


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