Thursday, February 4, 2010

who knows picky toddlers?

well, i’d like to think that i do. after all i have three toddlers!
sometimes i get comments from followers asking how i get my kids to eat certain things. or on facebook i get wall posts asking me to share a recipe, asking for snack ideas for young kiddos or a question about making sugar cookies or babyfood. i get it, i post about the kids eating, making and throwing foods all the time. here, facebook, in other peoples comments or in the online forum i post in, i try to share any ideas that i have. and i love sharing those ideas/foods/recipes that actually work! while i am definitely not a baker or a cook, i do enough to impress toddlers!
lately i’ve been really trying to get all of us to eat healthier, and this includes the kids. as a way to share my ideas and recipes as well as get new ideas and feedback, i’ve decided to start a new “feature” on my blog. because several people have asked me to share my recipes and methods…
may i please present to you:picture starting next tuesday (and every tuesday there after) i will share a toddler approved snack, recipe, suggestion or bribery technique that pleases even the pickiest little ones. everything from fun recipes to make with your kid(s) to easy ways to sneak veggies into the meals that they will eat.
i’m not a baker, or a chef and i don’t claim or pretend to be. i’m just a mom whose been there, done that and remembers what works!


  1. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! ;)

  2. This sounds fun :) Are you planning to do a MckLinky? That way other moms can participate and possibly get even more ideas!


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