Monday, February 15, 2010

busy, busy, busy!

we have been so busy over the last week that blogging has been pushed to the back of the pile. sorry! between the kiddos, the weather, valentines day, going out of town to visit the in-laws, and the normal day to day stuff like cooking, cleaning and laundry--i've been too tired to blog at the end of it all! so whats up with us? well, we've all adjusted to our new routine that now includes dropping bubba off at pre-school each morning. it took about 3 weeks but the boys are finally used to hurrying in the mornings instead of going snail-pace while watching cartoons.

while he's in class, peanut, pooks and i usually run errands or go to storytime at the library...they love storytime! we usually go to the toddler class on wednesday and while peanut is a little young for it, he does pretty well. last week during a puppet show he was laughing so hard at the puppets that all the other kids (and moms) were turning around to look at him and smiling. he just thought it was hysterical and had that really deep belly laugh that was contagious. he is adorable. ornery but adorable!

he is now almost 15mos old and is so active! he's so smart too! he loves to play itsy bitsy spider and even tries to mimic the hand motions. he knows his belly, ear, head and hair and will point to them when asked. he claps, blows kisses, runs and is starting to climb! his newest (and cutest) trait is saying "yes" or "na-na-na" while shaking or nodding his head. you can ask him if he wants to eat/is tired/wants to play/needs milk and he just answers you now. talk about being easier! he'll have a well baby check-up next monday and it will be interesting to see how big he is. i'm guessing at least 24lbs--he has gotten SO heavy. all of his clothes are 18-24mos--which is unheard of for my kids! never have one of the boys been in a size that is older than their age. bubba is almost 4 and some of his tshirts are still 2T!

speaking of bubba, he is doing well. he loves school! while he's still super shy, he did tell me that he made a friend. and that girls chased him. and that some other kid chased him back. oh the drama of preschool, lol. his counting has improved tremendously; both counting out loud and recognizing the numbers in print. he loves doing his homework and looks forward to going each day. he'll be four years old next month--can you even believe that!? he chose to have a scooby doo party and is really excited for it. since figuring out all of his allergies last year, this winter has been so much easier. he hasn't (knock on wood) gotten sick, other than the sniffles. i cannot even tell you the last time that he needed a breathing treatment! it's really amazing. his eczema is much better too!

now pooks, oh sweet little pooks. he's nuts, lol. adorable, cuddly, imaginative and smart but totally nuts. okay, okay maybe not nuts. fearless is a better word. he loves jumping off of the couch into a pile of pillows. it's his new favorite thing. he's still a climber. his vocabulary is insane. (or at least seems insane compared to bubba's speech at this age.) this was a situation and conversation that occured yesterday:

bubba: mommy [pooks] colored on our kitchen.
me: pooks? did you use a crayon on your kitchen?
pooks: yes!
me: where?
pooks: right over here. takes me straight to the side of the refridgerator and points to the bright red crayon
me: pooks! what were you thinking? you know crayons are only for paper. i guess i'll have to take your crayons away.
pooks: no, no mommy! i color only on paper. i not color my kitchen no more.
i proceed to use my sleeve to rub the crayon markings off--washable crayons on a coated surface wasn't as bad as i thought! 
me: pooks, where is the crayon?
pooks: huh?
me: where is the crayon now? the crayon you colored with?
pooks: looks at me. looks at his kitchen. looks at my sleeve. mom. its on your shirt.
me: stunned expression on my face. not that crayon. where is the red crayon that you used to scribble with?
pooks: i don't know. dat was a yoooooong (long) time ago mommy.


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