Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bubba the artist...

how was your valentines day? good i hope. mine was (while i hate to brag) but it kind of kicked ass.

to start the day off, i got to sleep in until almost 10am. then the boys {with b's help} presented me with the cutest valentines day card ever. it involved a lot of cut out hearts and a lot of glue. following the card, was a brand new necklace from thevintagepearl.com. this one, but with bubba, pooks and peanuts' names on it.
love, love, love it! i've been wanting a necklace from them for forever and B decided it was time, i guess. yay!

so after the gift exchange {the kids and I gave B a coffee mug with their valentine's photo on it, filled with m&ms, and a photo desk calendar for his office at work} we ate lunch.

after lunch, i didn't feel so good. since we ate chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese...i didn't think i was sick from lunch. around 1:30 i was still feeling pretty nauseous with no end in sight. this lead me to think that maybe, just maybe, we got lucky with our trying to conceive efforts. so i ran upstairs and took a home pregnancy test. this was the result:
see that super super super faint pink line to the right of the dark pink line? (you can click on the pic) yeah, well i wasn't sure that i was REALLY seeing it either. so i ran downstairs and made B look. (nevermind that he was eating) he said that he kinda saw a line too. well the pamplet says that ANY line, regardless how faint is positive. well since i wasn't sure if we were really seeing it or if we were really wanting to see it, i ran and bought another test. this time digital. i waited over 2 hours to pee again, and then took that one...it was much more clear:
WE ARE PREGNANT! i could barely believe it! i tested early...3 days early. and i had no signs of ovulating this month at all (my "sign" is usually unbearable pain/cramps) so i was beyond shocked. yesterday, i went to Dr. P's office to have it confirmed. after having blood drawn and anxiously waiting 10 minutes theirs too, was positive! so i got to walk down the hall and schedule my first appt and find out my due date: none other than auntie michelle's birthday, October 23, 2010. so if sweetcheeks* arrives like his/her brothers all have {2-4 weeks early} we'll have a newborn by then! do i know how to give the coolest birthday gifts or what?!

*for now at least, baby #4 shall be blog named sweetcheeks. i may change this, a ton.

we immediately told the boys, explaining that mommy had a teeny tiny baby growing in my tummy. and that each day the baby would grow a little and my tummy would grow a little and by halloween, they would have a new brother or sister. both bubba and pooks are thrilled, and surprisingly really seem to 'get' it. peanut, well he's a man of few words and while it will be a big adjustment for him, i'm sure he'll do just fine. bubba swears that ''there is just one baby girl in there mommy'' and man oh man do i hope he's right! shortly after telling them the news, he wanted to color me a picture.
 yeah, thats me. with 2 left feet and a big ol' baby in my tummy. i freaking ♥ that kid!


  1. Yeah!!!! Another adorable baby on its way! I will be looking forward to seeing pictures of the tummy growing. How exciting!

    Take care

  2. Wahoo!! So excited for you all :) And praying for a little girl ; D Those boys would do so well and just adore a little baby girl, don't ya think?? They did pretty good with E anyway. I LOVE the necklace by the way! I got one similar for Christmas and I just love it... unfortunately E loves to chew on it whenever I wear it. Oh well. Congrats again!

  3. Oh my gosh, congrats!! That didn't take long. ;) I am so happy for you guys, and a little bit envious, but not of that nausea. Hopefully things will be smooth sailing for you!

  4. congratulations, that is so exciting!! So happy for you and your family!

    LOVE the necklace, i found those awhile ago and im obsessed, still waiting for mine though ;)

    congrats again!!

  5. Congrats!! Wow, that was fast! You two are baby making machines! I hope all goes well for you and baby :)

  6. Awesome Shannon and I LOVE Bubba's picture too! So precious!!

  7. How exciting! I am due at the end of Sept! I haven't made my "official" announcement yet, but it's fun to share the news with a fellow preggers! Congrats!

  8. Yea! That is VERY exciting. There is nothing better than holding a baby for the first time...I hope you get a little girl because every monther needs a daughter! Good luck with everything!


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