Wednesday, January 6, 2010


okay so we've been homeschooling for a few months now and bubba is really catching on quickly! he already recognizes all of his colors, shapes and the uppercase letters of the alphabet. he loves to paint, color and use glue. he can count to 10 and add simple additions. (1+2, 2+2, 1+3..any number under 5 plus another number under 5) he is really good at following directions and is getting better and better at sounding letters out. we have recently started learning to write letters. when you consider that he's not even 4 yet, i think that is really good!
he enjoys learning, he frequently asks for ''school time.'' the only thing that i can't give him or teach him is the social interaction that preschool provides. i planned on enrolling him in a church based preschool in february or at least get him on the waiting list for next year. but that's the sad thing, even if i get him on the list in february--he's not guaranteed a spot for next year!.

luckily for us, our city's park and recreation department is awesome! while they don't have a lot of sport activities for the 4 and under crowd (micro-soccer and dance is it) they offer a preschool program! it's a little less structured than regular preschool but i think it will be perfect for bubba and his social needs. first of all, it's in a community building, it's an hour and a half each day and the teachers are other moms; they don't necessarily have a teaching license but they have experience with children (and passed a background check). basically they are like me but they work in the social setting rather than at home! (and oddly enough, several of the church preschools around here don't have certified teachers either!)

so this program has a 2 day/week option or a 4 day/week option. because it's only 1.5hrs each day, we opted to enroll bubba in the 4 day week session. there are 16 kids total in his class and he starts monday.

monday as in this coming monday...that will be here in 5 days. yikes!!

while i was all for enrolling him, i have to say this is happening quite quickly! i honestly thought the class would probably be full (it was last semester) so when i called i didn't have high hopes but thought we might get into a 2 day session, even if it wasn't the days that we wanted. well, there were 3 spots left and bubba snagged one! i was excited and emotional all at the same time. my oldest baby is going to do something all by himself and honestly while i'm a bit emotional about it, he's not happy about it. at all.

he knew that some day, he would go to school. so when he woke up from his nap i explained to him that he would start monday. his response "no, i just don't want to. i do school at home'' and pooks response? ''me go to school mama, me do. all by myself me do''. well pooks can't go, while he is potty trained, he doesn't meet the age requirement. he won't be able to enroll until the fall. (or in toddler terms, he can't go until after his firetruck birthday party). bubba was insistent that he didn't want to go, then he finally decided that if i could go with him it might be okay. i tried explaining that while i can take him the first day, i will be dropping him off and then coming back as soon as it's over. he kinda gave me this look of disbelief then asked to watched scooby-doo.

end of that conversation!

i'm going to try to keep easing him into the idea, i know it will definitely be something that he will like and that he will benefit from--it's getting him through the door that i'm worried about!


  1. We need to get him through the door and you out . Hopefully you both can make it through without any scars. :)
    I love you both and know you will do fine.

  2. How exciting! I'm so happy he got a spot! I can relate to this post on so many levels. From hoping to just get a spot, to having some anxiety over him doing this by himself. Marius was reluctant at first too. The first day, after I dropped him off, I sat at home just wondering what he was doing. It's a weird feeling to have your first go off and do something without you being there. There was a definite adjustment period, but I can say with 100% certainty it was for the best. You'll both love it. The adjustment period was really hard on E at first too. She thought it was horribly unfair, but has gotten used to it now.

    It's going to be great Shannon!


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