Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

it doesn't matter whether you pronounce it "twenty-ten" or "two-thousand ten" either way, 2010 is here! i rang in the new year, with the kids asleep in their beds at home with b and nanaw and papa. we ate brownies, played operation and had a low-key evening at home. maybe i'm getting old, maybe i'm just not as social as i used to be, but i was perfectly content drinking sparkling cider and watching house hunters! our town does have a "ball drop" but it is so incredibly crowded with drunks, i'm never able to really enjoy it. (oh the joys of living in a college town, *sigh*)

but, i digress.

what i really wanted to talk about was (of course) resolutions. do you make one? do you think they are overrated? do you think they are overrated but make one anyway?

my honest opinion is that while i always make one, i do think that they are overrated. it's great to tell other people and hold yourself accountable but you shouldn't feel like a total failure if you don't reach those goals. just reflect, re-evaluate and set another one. ironically enough, and for the first time in years, i actually achieved the goal that i set last year. my resolution for last year? to NOT get pregnant in 2009, lol! if we had, we would have had a baby born in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009--that's too much for even me to handle, lol. so you know, if we end up pregnant this year--which yes, i have the itch!--2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010 sounds much better! i mean, there would be a two year gap and that would feel like lightyears apart!

while getting pregnant is something that i would like (although it would probably result in having to move, again) it's not my resolution. B's not 100% on board yet and we busting at the seams in both our house and car as is right now. so while it's on my mind, it's not happening anytime soon.

so, without further ado...on to my real resolutions (and yes, that was plural)!
  • spend more time doing spontaneous things as a family. day trips to nearby towns, attending spur of the moment activites or games that the kids would love, etc. one of my absolute favorite memories (and something bubba still talks about) was this day and i want to have more memories like that! really enjoy the little things, ya know?
  • have a healthier life-style. i don't want to be all cliche and say 'workout' but i want to make gradual changes to being healthier. heart disease runs in my family and while i'm not overweight or sedentary, my cholesterol is already high! yikes! i don't want to lose a certain number of pounds or workout x times a week but i do want to make healthier choices all around. i plan on being around for a LONG time :)
  • become more organized in my cleaning routine, keep up on the laundry, and keep the house tidy without having to dedicate hours in one day, i want to spend 10 mins here and there and never feel overwhelmed. come up with a cleaning schedule and stick to it!
so there it is, my plans for the new year! while each one is completely attainable, i want to really hold myself accountable and make the necessary changes.

so, what are yours??

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  1. Twenty-ten. Because that's what it is. We never said one-thousand nine-hundred and eighty seven. We said nineteen-eighty seven.


    Happy New Year.


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