Sunday, January 3, 2010

greatest invention ever

as i type this blog post i am simultaneously using the greatest invention ever. it has absolutely nothing to do with the computer or blogging, it's actually something that i dreamed up years ago although i had no clue how to patent it or make up a demo piece.

i ♥ brownies. they are my favorite dessert by far.

like most completely normal brownie loving people, i prefer the corner pieces. who doesn't? chewy outside, super gooey inside..they are perfect. the annoyingly huge problem? there are only 4 corners on a pan which thus results in only 4 corner pieces. well if more than 4 people are eating brownies then you're screwed. no deliciously good corner piece for later.

years ago i dreamed up a solution. i needed a pan, much like a muffin pan, but instead of round inlets, it needed square inlets. (lets face it, a muffin tin won't work for brownies because muffins are circles and circles don't have corners). my mental invention was not ''the perfect brownie'' pan that is being sold ''on tv only'' except not really because you can buy it anywhere. that is NOT the perfect brownie pan, that is a cheap piece of crap. (no offense if you have one or invented it) i am not wanting a square grid to place in my brownie pan. no. that is not really going to make chewy delicious corner pieces, let's face it. while i would have happily accepted one if i had received it for christmas, it was not my invention.

fast-forward to new years eve. after getting the kids tucked into beds, nanaw and i went over to target to check out their christmas clearance stuff and to pick up a kitchen rug (side note, i totally now have gorgeous ceramic tiles in my kitchen instead of that ugly 1974 linoleum). while wandering aimlessly around target, i discovered something. be still my heart, it was my mental invention. a REALLY truly perfect brownie pan! (a glorified square muffin pan as my dad called it later.) it was exactly what i had mentally designed; it was as if Kitchen Essentials by Calphalon had crawled into my brain and printed off my mental image of the pan then mass produced it and sold if for a mere $17.99 at a Target near you! (note, it's cheaper than the other so called perfect brownie pan!)
i was so excited, i couldn't put it down. there was one left, and i had to have it. in fact, i used $20 of my christmas money to purchase it! nanaw had to remind me that it was okay to set it in the cart, no one was going to steal it from me, i didn't need to carry it throughout the store. (true story). we grabbed the pan, immediately headed to the baking aisle to grab a brownie mix (don't hate, we all know brownie mixes are way better than made from scratch brownies) that had 3 types of chocolate in it!

as soon as we got home i excitedly shared my purchase with b and papa, who honestly, could have cared less. well that's not completely true, b said ''just think how much money you would be making if you had really just invented the thing years ago instead of talking about it everytime you made brownies''. gee, thanks hon. i believe this is when my father made the above ''glorified muffin pan'' statement.

so i immediately mixed up the brownies and got them baking. 18 minutes later (note if you buy one of these bad boys--they bake up much faster than regular brownies--watch 'em) we feasted our eyes on 12 'corner' brownies. they were wonderful. they were baked at 9pm on thursday night and completely gone by saturday morning.

so (just for the sake of this blog post) i made another batch. after all how can i blog and brag about brownies without having pictures to share? what kind of blogger would i be? it's not like i was actually hungry for brownies again. geez people, what do you think i am, some sort of brownie addict? well i didn't actually have another box of brownie mix so i made these from scratch. not really impressed at all.
is it just me or is it impossible to get that flakey top crust when you make brownies from scratch? so just ignore the lack of a flakey top crust and admire all those corners and peanut butter chips! yumm-o.
now if you will excuse me, i should probably test one of these before my kids wake up. yeah, that sounds good. i'm just testing them. everyone knows that if you're testing them the calories don't count! happy sunday ya'll!


  1. Mmmmmmm! They look delicious!

    Happy New Year!!! to you and your family!


  2. I've seen those before. Please mail me some brownies! The corners are my favorite!!!!


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