Monday, January 4, 2010

flashback! poloroid

i don't think that i ever blogged about what i received for christmas from B. and i don't mean that in a bragging way, i bring it up because it pertains to the blog.

on my little christmas list was the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens. it's prime lense; it has a fixed focal length and is absolutely superb for taking fairly close shots crystal clear while blurring the background at the same time. while i am still getting the hang of it (it's odd not to zoom in and out but literally stand the distance that you want from the subject) i already ♥ it!

here are a few photos from last night, taken with the new lens and then i applied a 'time machine' feature that my paintshop program has; this particular one is to imitate poloraid cameras in the 1960's. which i thought was a pretty neat combination.

the following picture of bubba is him, standing literally 10 inches from me while saying ''cheese''.
see how clear it is? (u can click on it and bring it up humongous) see how clearly you can see the strawberry seed stuck in his tooth, lol? amazing huh?

here is one of peanut, being ornery after finding my lens cap. notice how out of focus the background is? this is with absolutely no photo-editing (other than adding the poloroid effect)
and lastly, my seriously little pookie whose look clearly says ''i am so completely over it, stop taking my picture". notice how he pops from the background? i am freaking in love people!
while it's not my everyday-everyuse lens, it's amazing. i just love the clarity and contrast.

okay, okay just one more. remember how i said nanaw and papa came over and hung out with us on new years eve? here is nanaw with the little dudes-
and yes, i realize that bubba is chewing on his arf, peanut is attempting to steal pooks' blanket and pooks is hanging on for dear life. this is the best i got, work with me people!


  1. That is amazing! Those pictures are really clear.


  2. It's called depth of field! You should know that. You should also know all about your various f-stops and WHY your depth of field changes.

    Or have you already forgotten your photo training?

    Also: If you rudely remind me to blog, that implies that you will comment. Especially if you get a link in one of my posts.

  3. Thank you Matt, I do know that its called depth of field and while I remember some of my photo training, I don't remember all of it. I know that the lower the f-stop the greater the depth of field :) However since I'm a mommy blogger and not running a photo blog, I didn't want to complicate things!

    Also: I left a comment on your blog(just now). Which I read when you first posted but was then distracted by those 3 new nephews of yours and apparently never commented!


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