Saturday, January 2, 2010

the aftermath

i ♥ the holidays, i really truly do. the anticipation, the good times with friends and family, the good food, the decorations, the giving spirit, the chill in the air, seeing the excitement in the eyes of my kids, the baking, the surprises, the shopping, i could go on and on. i just love it.

but that being said, there is something to say about the satisfaction of going back to ''normal'' when the holidays are over. i just finished taking down the stockings, the tree, the window clings and the wreaths. the christmas cards are still up and will remain up for another week or two (a few have trickled in over the last couple of days even!). we received a ton this year!
this isn't even all of them! we hung all our christmas cards on the back of the kitchen cabinets, facing the dinner table and the boys just loved looking at them during mealtimes and talking about the people on them!
in the aftermath of the holidays i suddenly feel like my house isn't as cluttered or messy. while it's still small and packed with even more toys, i appreciate the space that is now open after packing up the tree. i get into a 'spring cleaning' mood and suddenly just want to organize/fix everything. i feel a sense of organization as i carry everything back downstairs to be packed away. each ornament placed back in it's box, all the newly acquired wrapping paper, boxes, gift tags, tins and bows (purchased at 50-75% off) packed up and not to be seen again until next year.

i think one reason why i love this aftermath of the holidays is because it means spring is on it's way. granted here in kansas we won't feel the warmer weather until late february, but packing up the christmas stuff is a start!

you know that we are thinking ahead when last week i bought the boys' valentines day t-shirts for the annual valentine photo shoot/card that we do every single year. i just love sending valentines! (and you may think I'm nuts but gap was already missing a few sizes in certain shirts!) plus i know that it will take more than one attempt to get good pictures of all 3 boys in their outfits. then i will have to design the card, then order the card and get them mailed out in time for valentines day. am on the ball or what?

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