Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's just super!

bubba is (as we all know) adorable.

this really isn't anything new.

what is new is his latest infatuation and usage of the word ''super''. i guess i need to type it more like "SUPER!" everything is super, it is by far his adjective of choice. good or bad, doesn't matter super is the best description.

meeting Santa Claus?
--"dat was so super fun mommy!"

smelling the melted almond bark as i was making dipped pretzels?
--"somethin' smells super yummy".

after seeing the pile of disgusting filth that was underneath the refrigerator when i moved it to clean? (which by the way i don't think that any previous person who lived here, like ever, had cleaned.)
--"mommy...dat's super filthy under there." and yes, he also uses the word filthy.

seeing nanaw and papa's christmas tree for the first time?
--"it's so super pretty nanaw.''

sometimes i can hardly even believe that last Christmas, he was barely speaking with words. (he was still using sounds, remember?) last year thanksgiving was ''gobble-gobble'' and Christmas was ''ho-ho". now he uses adjectives like super and words like filthy or disgusting. he tells me he's full when he's done eating or asks for a specific things like cranberry juice or graham crackers. i'll say that we're going to run to the store and he asks ''are we going to target or dillions mama?"

he absolutely loves scooby-doo and thanks to the boomerang channel, he is able to watch one episode every night before bed. when pooks gets scared from the monster/ghost/zombie/mummy, bubba is quick to remind him ''dat's just a guy in a costume...not a real monster".

i can't believe that bubba, my oldest is getting ready to turn FOUR. where the hell does the time go?

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  1. That is adorable or should I say that is "super" cute!! Hope you all enjoy your Christmas!


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